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College Readiness Series Materials

College Readiness Series

These parent/ family events will be held in the Shorewood Career Center, all from 6 - 7:30 PM. College & Career Coordinator Marianne Stephens will present on various college-going topics with Shorewood-specific information.

Parent/ guardians of any grades are welcome at any of the presentations, though they are not geared toward senior families already in the midst of the application and financial aid process. If you are interested in a particular topic, then come!


2020 Shorewood High School College Readiness Series

Tuesday January 21  Finding College Fit

Tuesday January 28  Perspectives on Testing

Tuesday February 11  Strategies for Saving on College Costs

Thursday February 13  Tools, Tips, and College Gems  



Tuesday January 21 Finding College Fit

We will go over the three kinds of fit—personal, academic, and financial—and discuss the tools for each. We will also go over student and parent/ guardian roles, and provide you with to-do lists. This presentation has significant overlaps to the recent Juniors Aiming for College presentation, so it may be most pertinent for parent/ guardians of juniors, but if you are curious about fit, please come no matter what grade your student is in.

Presentation:  Finding College Fit January 2020

Handout:  Finding Fit/ Creating a College List 1.2020


Tuesday January 28 Perspectives on Testing

Curious about:  what PSAT scores mean? when to take college admissions tests? which tests to take? how colleges use scores? how much to prep? Come for information and advice. Since PSAT scores came out recently, this session may be most pertinent for 10th and 11th grade families, but 9th grade families that are looking ahead are welcome to attend.

Presentation:  Perspectives on Testing January 2020

See the individual testing pages for more resources:  PSATSATSAT Subject TestsACTSAT vs. ACTTest PrepTesting Q&A.

Examination of tests and proposal to end their use at OSU:  

Oregon State Proposal Regarding Standardized Tests for Admissions



Tuesday February 11  Strategies for Cutting College Costs

While we cannot promise free college, there are ways to forecast what college will cost your family and figure out which colleges would be best for you to target. We will go over some basics about how financial aid works and give you tools to help you as you anticipate the cost of higher education. This session would be helpful for any 9 -11th grade family who has concerns about paying for college. 

Presentation:  Strategies for Saving on College Costs 2.11.2020

Handout:   Finding Fit/ Creating a College List 1.2020 (same as above, with attention on the Financial Fit section) 

Financial Planning Timeline Infographic

Financial Prep Timeline Infographic


Thursday February 13  Tools, Tips, and College Gems (date is tentative—will be confirmed)

This session will cover the topics we do not get to in the others. We will:  discuss college search tools, including Naviance; offer advice for the logistics of searching and applying; and tell you about a few often-overlooked college gems. Any family that would like to attend is welcome.

Presentation:  Tips, Tools, Trends, and College Gems 

Each evening, the presentation will last 45-60 minutes, and then we will have time for questions.


Inquiries?  Contact Marianne Stephens,