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All Juniors to take School Day SAT March 4 2020

Information from the Shoreline School District

FREE SAT for all Juniors

Wednesday, March 4, 2020 

Q&A about the School Day SAT

How do we sign up? 

You do not need to sign up either at school or on the College Board site. All Shorewood High School Juniors will automatically be signed up, just as all sophomores are automatically signed up for the PSAT in the fall. 


When will I show up as registered on the College Board site? 

You will not find the test listed on the main College Board site; the school day administrations are separate from the public site. So, you will not find March 4 in the upcoming tests or your registration in the "your upcoming tests" section of the SAT site. It will happen, however! 

Does the March 4 School Day SAT include the Essay? 

Yes, it does include the essay. Not many colleges require it, but a few do, so it is a good idea to take the essay just in case. And, it costs extra $$ during a regular administration, so it will be worth it to take it for free on March 4.

See SAT Writing Requirements for a list of college policies. Almost all of the fewer than 20 institutions that require the essay are University of California schools.

Also see why fewer colleges are requiring the essay, which also means that you need not fret if your essay score seems low compared to your section scores:  Pencils Down:  Major Colleges Stop Requiring the Essay for Admission  Washington Post 7.10.2018.


What if I already signed up for a March SAT on a Saturday? 

If you already signed up for the March 14 2020 regular SAT and wish to change the registration without the change fee, this is what the College Board has recommended: 

The student or family should email The College Board Customer Service and request a cancellation and waiver of the cancellation fee. A sample email is below.

Dear College Board,

My name is [first and last full legal name] and I am registered for the March SAT.  My date of birth is [MM-DD-YY] and I am an 11th grader at [insert school name] High School in the Shoreline School District.  

Recently, Shoreline School District, in Shoreline, WA, has agreed to offer the SAT during the School Day in March.  I am emailing to request that my March SAT on Saturday, March 14th be cancelled and the cancellation fee be waived.   

Can we use the scores from the School Day SAT just like we will use scores from other SAT tests? 

Yes! These scores can be sent to colleges just like those from public dates. For more on sending scores, see the SAT page. 


If I take the SAT on March 4, should I take it another time too? When? 

Most students do score better on an SAT when they take it for the second time* so it is a good idea to sign up to take it another time. There are both May and June administrations, so a good strategy would be to take it in March for the first time, and then once more in late spring. See the SAT page for dates, how to sign up, and more recommendations. Testing Q&A also has advice about timing.


Should I prep for the test? How?

It is a great idea to at least be familiar with the format and possible content of the test. We hope to have one or two overview sessions in February 2020, probably on Wednesday afternoons. 

At a minimum, pick up an SAT booklet in the Career Center to familiarize yourself. If you would like to do more prep, see the Test Prep page for advice and options. The Free Khan Academy--linked to your College Board account--is an excellent option. 

Also, look over your PSAT scores to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Work on your weaknesses and come up with strategies to improve. The PSAT and the SAT are very similar. 


How do I set up/ log into my College Board account? 

See the PSAT page on the Shorewood College & Career site. 


What to expect on March 4 2020

Testing will take place in Shorewood’s gym.  All juniors should report to the gym by 7:50 AM.  Tables and chairs will be set up ahead of time and students will be seated as they arrive.  

What should I bring on the day of the test?                                           

  • #2 pencils                                                                                                         
  • Calculator 
  • Water bottle and snack – optional but a good idea since there will be only a short break during the exam 

What about Lunch?

Students testing will not receive a lunch break.  They will need to eat lunch at the end of the testing period but the standard lunch period will be over.

So, students should:

  • plan to bring their lunch,
  • eat lunch when they arrive home, or
  • order a sack lunch from Shoreline Food Service ahead of time. 

Ordering ahead of time means filling out a form (download & print or pick up in the main office) and dropping it off at SW’s food service department at least 48 hours ahead of time

Food service will also be open from 7:30 to 7:50 AM on the day of the test so breakfast, snack and lunch options can be purchased.