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Volunteer Junior Coaches for Girls on the Run Summer Camps

Girls on the Run is looking for girls ages 16-18 to be volunteer Junior Coaches for summer camps. (They may also need volunteer Coaches, age 18+!) 

There are several camps in the Puget Sound area this summer, and one in Shoreline in August. 

See Girls on the Run Coach Description for all of the information and Summer 2022: Camp GOTR Coach Application online. 

Camp GOTR by Girls on the Run provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for girls to develop self-confidence and learn life skills they can use now and as they grow. Girls will enjoy building friendships in an exciting and inclusive setting that includes interactive games, being physically active, and expressing creativity through arts and crafts and storytelling. 

Coaching with Camp GOTR by Girls on the Run is a rewarding way to stay involved with Girls on the Run over the summer. As a coach, you get to inspire girls in your community and help them learn skills they will use now and as they grow. A Camp GOTR Coach is a volunteer position that works with a team of co-coaches to facilitate the Camp GOTR curriculum in a one-week period. Camp GOTR Coaches will develop meaningful connections with a team of participants and co-coaches, help girls develop new skills, and create a positive, inclusive environment where all girls feel free to be themselves.