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Volunteer Newspaper Writer for Richmond Beach News

Are you tuned in to the Richmond Beach neighborhood? Do you like to write?

The RBCA would love to have a youth perspective! 

If you answered yes to the questions above, apply to be a volunteer youth writer for the Richmond Beach News, the monthly newspaper put out by the Richmond Beach Community Association (RBCA). 



Applicant must be:  

  • a self-starter
  • a good writer
  • a thoughtful member of the community
  • willing & able to take & send photos



The writer selected will: 

  • come up with one or more story ideas every month
  • communicate with the RBCA Executive Director about the ideas
  • write the story/ stories and conduct any research/ interviews involved
  • submit the story/ stories in advance of the deadline each month
  • keep in close contact with RBCA about your progress



To apply, contact RBCA Executive Director Ms. Pape.


  • a cover letter that 
    • introduces yourself
    • describes what you like to write about
    • includes a few story ideas
    • describes any relevant experience
  • writing samples (papers for classes are fine!) 
  • a resume if you have one (look on our Resume
    page and use the Resume Rubric and Sample!)


We would love to read your stories; apply now!