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Northwest Youth Corps

Northwest Youth Corps

Summer 2020

Note:  as of April 30, programs will proceed with modifications to ensure safety. Applying does not mean a firm commitment; you can evaluate and withdraw your application without any consequences. 

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Youth Community Program is a non-residential, day program for 15 to 18 year olds. With the experience of field staff guiding them, participants complete service projects in their own community each day and return home at night. Crews meet at a designated site every morning and evening, Monday through Friday. Members spend an average of 6 hours per day working and one hour participating in an educational lesson, from which they earn high school credit and a $250/week stipend. During these 5 week sessions, participants learn new skills, challenge themselves, make new friends, and better their communities!





Youth Camping programs combine education and job skill training with outdoor adventure for 16 to 18/19* year olds. With the guidance of experienced field staff, youth crew members work on conservation, reforestation, and recreation projects, while developing leadership skills and learning how to work as a team. Crews camp in the field for their entire 5-6 week session, traveling to a new project each week and recreating on the weekends. In addition to earning a $300/week stipend and high school credit, participants make new friends, learn new skills, explore the Northwest’s wildest places, challenge themselves, and have an awesome summer!

* Spring, Fall, and BLP and ASL Programs allow 16-19 year old youth.


Northwest Youth Corps was founded in 1984 to offer teenagers an education-based work experience modeled after the historic Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930’s. Our programs include residential conservation crews for both youth and young adults, local community crews, an internship program for college aged participants, a fully accredited high school, and a two-acre organic farm. We hope that our programs provide youth and young adults from diverse backgrounds the skills and experience they need to lead full lives.