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PSAT and SAT Information for the 2022-23 School Year

From the Shoreline School District 7.12.2022: 

We are writing to share with you information about PSAT and SAT testing for the coming school year.

For the 2022-23 school year, Shoreline high schools will continue to offer the College Board PSAT/NMSQT at school on Wednesday, October 12, for all 10th-grade students. This will be the only testing date for the PSAT, there is no cost for 10th graders to participate, and it will be held during school hours. You will not need to register your 10th grader to take the PSAT at school.

If your student will require testing accommodations, look for information in the coming weeks about submitting a request. If you have a student entering 9th or 11th grade who would like to participate in the PSAT, the high schools will offer the option for them to sign up and pay the testing fee.

Shoreline high schools will not offer College Board SAT testing during the school day for the 2022-23 school year, as had been the practice in recent years. We are making this change for a variety of reasons, which are explained below.

College entry requirements have changed in the last few years, and for those looking ahead, we are including the current information about testing requirements. The majority of colleges and universities have suspended required testing, made testing optional, or are practicing “test blind” admissions screening methods. Community colleges generally use their own placement tests. If the student has an SAT test, some community colleges accept an SAT to place students into college-level courses.

Here is some current information about testing related to the college admissions landscape:

  • only 5% of the 976 Common Application Member Colleges require scores
  • all Washington and Oregon 4-year colleges and universities are permanently test optional for both admissions and merit, and California may soon be in that category as well
  • UW Seattle is essentially test blind, having consulted scores in only 0.4% of cases during last year’s application cycle
  • if a student tests, we recommend not using the free, pre-ordered score reports so that they can preview their scores before deciding whether to use them
  • if a student is aiming for military academies, we recommend taking the SAT &/or ACT
  • if a student is aiming for college athletics, the test-optional policy for the NCAA will likely be made permanent (the latest news came out February 17, 2022, and is in the slideshow linked below)
  • We do not recommend spending a lot of time on preparation if a student decides to test. Since a student’s transcript is the most important piece of a college application, it is more worth their time and energy to invest in their classes
Students who determine that they would like to take the SAT or ACT (grades 11/12) tests should do so directly through the College Board and ACT websites and select a convenient test center. Tests are typically offered at College Board testing centers that are open to all students throughout the region, and each test center selects its own dates. The College Board will still use Shorewood High School as a testing center. Since this is not a Shoreline program, students who would like to take the SAT at Shorewood should be prepared to sign up early; the College Board sign-up process is open to all members of the public.

Recommended Resources 
As you and your student anticipate exams and make decisions about testing, we suggest that you gather information:
  • To Test or Not to Test? A slideshow incorporating the latest news from authoritative sources and going over considerations to take into account as you make decisions. 
  • for list of test-optional/test-flexible schools.
  • for information on the SAT and AP tests; access to Khan Academy; signing up for dates other than the March 2 Free School Day SAT; fee waiver information; and sending scores.
  • for ACT info, sign-up, and sending scores.
We will continue monitoring information about testing as it relates to college admissions and will evaluate this decision in advance of the 2023-24 school year.
Please email Mr. Orallo for questions!