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Air Quality Response and Shoreline Schools (Sept. 21, 2022)

As you’ve likely observed, the air in many parts of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park is quite smoky due to a weather pattern that is bringing wildfire smoke into our area.

For the school day today (Wednesday, September 21, 2022), we’ve advised that all outdoor activities be brought inside; this includes recess, PE activities planned to be outside, etc.

We will continue to monitor a number of air quality agency reports to inform decisions related to air quality and student activities. District protocol is to move activities during the school day indoors when the air quality index reaches over 100. 

The athletics department will monitor air quality for potential changes to after-school sports and activities and provide notice to building administrators early this afternoon. High school and middle school athletics typically continue until numbers rise above 150; however, individual student-athletes may have health concerns that require monitoring when the air quality is in the 100-150 range. Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) references the WA State Department of Ecology’s air monitoring network for decisions about athletic practices and competitions.

We encourage families to follow public health guidance for staying healthy at home, at work, and outside.


[Update: September 21, 1:53 pm]

Unfortunately, the air quality has not improved moving into the afternoon.

All outdoor high school athletic competitions scheduled for today are going to be rescheduled, with the exception of Shorecrest Cross Country traveling to Arlington, where air quality is still good.

Practices for high school and middle school may be moved indoors or canceled, and this decision will be made by each coach and communicated to their student athletes.

Please note that middle school football teams must hold an indoor practice today, as there are limited days available to reach the minimum number of practices that are required before the first game next week.

If your middle-school student athlete who is on a team other than football has not yet received communication about the status of today's practice, please contact the school office.