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Board Approves Special Education Vision and Guiding Principles

The Shoreline School District's vision of special education is to provide high-quality, individualized, equitable, inclusive education to all students. All students will learn the academic and work-life skills to achieve student-centered post-secondary success.

At their March 8 meeting, the Shoreline School Board unanimously approved the Special Education Vision and Guiding Principles. These will serve as a guide for all Shoreline Schools staff when making decisions regarding instruction, supports, training, and staffing.

Nearly three years ago a committee of parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, and district staff assembled to engage in the development of this vision. The group developed an understanding of special education in national, state, and district contexts; developed an understanding of the state’s work on inclusionary practices; and brought their own voices and experiences as they learned and processed this information together.

After a pause due to COVID-19, a majority of the committee regrouped and resumed the work, culminating in a vision statement and the guiding principles of equity, inclusive education, multi-tiered systems of support, partnerships, and student outcomes.

“I'm very proud of this committee for their dedication and feedback. They collaborated and advocated with passion to address all students’ needs,” said Becca Anderson, Executive Director of Student Services.

Looking ahead to putting the vision and principles into action, next school year will see development of a five-year plan that incorporates student voice. The Student Services department will continue to consult with the Haring Center, who have partnered to support the district.

“I’m so proud to live in this community. And I'm very proud of the vision statement,” says parent and Special Needs PTSA President Ananda Scott. “While this is a Special Education vision statement, if you look at the language, it is clearly and intentionally about all students. That's the real promise of the vision—not just that disabled kids will be valued and supported, but that diversity of all kinds will be, and that all children will benefit from the learning that results. We are stronger together."

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