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A Message of Gratitude from Superintendent Miner

Thank you

Dear Shoreline Schools Families and Staff, 

As we end this week of transition—with the beginning of in-person hybrid learning and reconfiguration of 100% remote learning for grade K-5—I want to take a moment to express my deep appreciation for each one of our students, staff and families.

It was exactly one year ago today that our school buildings were closed and our lives were thrust into turmoil. Each day since then, as we have collectively faced a crisis that few could have imagined, I have been uplifted by the perseverance, compassion and courage that I have seen throughout our schools and communities. That continued this week as many K-5 students returned to their schools for the first time in a year and many of our 100% remote learning students experienced changes to their classes, classmates and routines. These changes and transitions undoubtedly created challenges for some and welcome opportunities for others. Our teachers and staff are hard at work creating new learning communities and processes to engage and support the needs of each of their students. Whether a student is walking into their classroom or logging in to a Zoom session, our educators will work to build the trust and positive relationships necessary for them to learn and grow at their full potential.

I also recognize the focus and commitment to learning of our middle and high school students, staff and families. Today, Governor Inslee and State Superintendent Reykdal announced a proclamation directing school districts across the state to begin offering in-person hybrid learning options to middle and high school students by April 19. Our staff is reviewing this information and will provide an update next week regarding in-person hybrid learning for students in grades 6-12.

While this week was momentous in returning over 2,200 students to school campuses, it was also our annual Educational School Support Professionals and Classified Staff Appreciation Week. I want to take a moment to give a special thank you to all of our support and classified staff this week and always. Whether preparing meals, disinfecting classrooms, fixing computers, supporting classrooms or countless other critical functions, they are at the heart of our schools’ success. From the onset of the pandemic a year ago to the reopening of some schools that occurred this week, these staff members have gone above and beyond in service to our students, staff and communities and I could not be more grateful for them.

I know each of us have all been through so much over the past year, both personally and collectively, but through it all I have been in awe of the myriad of ways so many of you have supported and cared for each other and our school district. I will be forever grateful that this was the community I called home during this challenging time and I look forward to the brighter days that await us.

In appreciation,

Rebecca Miner