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Hybrid Learning and On-Site Instruction Planning Update

On Saturday, the Shoreline School Board heard a presentation on updated plans and timelines for beginning to offer in-person hybrid learning. You can find the presentation slides HERE. You can also view a recording of that presentation and discussion HERE. A summary of the timeline and details for beginning hybrid learning are below. 

Timeline for Beginning to Offer In-Person Hybrid Learning

  • February 22: Preschool and K-12 self-contained special education classes will begin offering on-site instruction.
  • March 8: Grades K-5 general education classes will begin offering a hybrid learning model.
  • Families will have the choice to continue remote learning.
  • We will continue to monitor Department of Health guidance and adjust planning if necessary.
  • Timelines for offering hybrid learning for middle and high school grade levels will be determined at a later date in accordance with Department of Health guidance.

Hybrid Learning Instructional Model

Students in K-5 general education classrooms in the hybrid learning model will be placed into morning or afternoon cohorts to attend school in person four days a week:

  • Cohort A will attend school in person in the mornings on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. They will then do remote learning in the afternoons and all day on Wednesdays.
  • Cohort B will attend school in person in the afternoons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. They will do remote learning in the mornings and all day on Wednesdays.

Remote Learning Instructional Model

Families will have the choice to have their children continue with the current remote learning model. We expect the daily schedule and mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning to remain similar to its current format.

Selecting a Learning Model

We know that many families need to know specific details about hybrid learning before selecting a learning model for their children. Final details, including daily bell schedule and specific safety protocols, are in the process of being finalized and will be shared as soon as they are available. After families receive that detailed information, there will be a registration process that they will need to complete for each of their children.

The K-5 Hybrid Learning Intent Survey and K-12 On-Site School Student Intent Survey for Self-Contained Classrooms provided enough information for staffing plans to be developed and is now closed. The registration process that will follow will allow you to determine which learning model your child will initially be placed in, even if that choice is different than the one you indicated on the survey. 

Parents/guardians will be allowed to change their child’s learning model one time, effective at the beginning of the 4th quarter in mid-April.  Please note that this is a change from the initial information shared in our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have updated our Hybrid Learning frequently asked questions page HERE.