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Shorecrest Students Shine at Student BioExpo

Shorecrest students at BioExpo
Shorecrest students pose with their project displays and awards at the 2019 Student BioExpo.


Fifteen Shorecrest students placed at the 19th Annual Student BioExpo at Shoreline Community College on Friday, May 17. Student BioExpo is a yearlong program that provides a platform for students to learn about and showcase their knowledge of biotechnology, biomedicine and bioethics. 

There are 14 BioExpo categories students competed in: Art, Career Pathways, Creative Writing, Dance & Drama, Global Health, Journalism, Lab Research, Molecular Modeling, Multimedia, Music, Neuroscience, SMART team (3D-printing), Teaching, and Website. This approach reflects the Next Generation Science Standards, based in Personalized Student Learning (students choosing a topic of their own choice) and linked to deep science content plus rigorous technical reading and writing.

Students from David Svrcek’s and Jessica Raman’s Honors Biology classes researched a molecular level biotechnological/biomedical subject and represented the information through a creative project. Thirty-four students from Shorecrest High School were judged at BioExpo, along with 250 other students from schools in the region on their ability to communicate the science concepts through interviews, research papers, and their projects. The following list of students won awards at this year’s event.


Kai Hoeger – 1st – Career Pathways: Gut Microbes & Cancer

Eliana Nagel – 1st – Creative Writing: Schizophrenia Gene

Angela Seymour – 2nd – Creative Writing: CRISPR

Paige Marty – 3rd - Creative Writing: Depression

Brianna Blanchard - 1st – Dance & Drama: Bipolar Disorder

Audrey Hamm - 2nd - Dance & Drama: Optogenetics

Matt Gardner – 1st – Journalism: Dopamine & Schizophrenia

Flora Cummings – 2nd – Journalism: Flu Glue

Bobby Parsek - 3rd – Lab Research: Bacterial Chemotaxis

Ellie Coleman – 2nd – Multimedia: Neural Prosthetics

Thomas Rhodes – 3rd – Multimedia: Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

Rohan Wassink – 1st – Music: Leukemia

Calvin Rice - 2nd – Music: Cultured Meat

Andrew Miner - 3rd – Teaching: Scorpion Tumor Paint

 Lacey George - 2nd – Website: Small Bowel Adenocarcinoma


Below are links to videos and papers from some of the award-winning projects:

Paige Marty:

Brianna Blanchard: 

Audrey Hamm:

Matt Gardiner:

Bobby Parsek: 

Ellie Coleman:

Calvin Rice: 

 Andrew Miner:

Flora Cummings