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Shoreline TSA Teams Shine at State Competition

The Shorecrest, Einstein and Cascade K-8 Technology Student Association (TSA) teams were well-represented on the awards stage at the Washington State TSA Conference on March 28-30 at the Doubletree Hotel in SeaTac. The Shoreline teams were among more than 1,200 tech-savvy students from all across the state.

Students competed in everything from Prepared Speeches to Vex Robotics. The competitive events focus on developing leadership, collaboration and STEM skills.

Below is a list of the Shoreline teams who earned awards at the competition. Students who placed in the top three in their divisions also qualified for the National TSA Conference, which will be held this summer in Washington, DC.


Board Game 1 - Finnley Meinig, Iorek De Luna, Tyler Montague - 3rd Place

Debate - Liam Prestia, Iorek De Luna - 3rd Place

Dragster Design - Kai Brook - 6th Place (top 10)

Extemporaneous Speech - Stella Beemer - 10th Place (Semi-Finalist)

Fashion Design - India Sanborn, Molly Grauer, Jaeden Caldwell, Grey Litke - 4th Place

Forensic Technology - Iorek De Luna, Tyler Montague -10th Place (Semi-Finalists)

On-Demand Video - Jack Cameron, Michael Crosson, Will Larsen, Oak Lodholm, Sam Rowbotham - 9th Place (top 10)

Photographic Technology - Molly Grauer - 4th Place

Photographic Technology - India Sanborn - 10th Place (Semi-Finalist)

Robotics Challenge - Finnley Meinig, Alex Resha - 3rd Place

Structural Engineering - Anders Jorgensen, Kai Brook - Semi-Finalists (top 10)

Systems Control - Alex Fray, Jaeden Caldwell, Katie Wein - 3rd Place

Technology Problem Solving - India Sanborn, Elena Tapia - (top 12) 

VEX Robotics - Miles Carrell, Michael Crosson, Will Larsen, Sam Rowbotham - 9th Place (top 10)

Video Game Design - Andrew Edwards, Liam Prestia, Myles Parent - 5th Place (Finalists)

Webmaster - Sophia Bohrer, Stella Beemer, Amy Arevallo Rodriguez, Alex Fray - 5th Place (Finalists)



Children’s Stories – Grace Abernathy – 2nd Place

Children’s Stories – Xavier MacDonald, Tyler McMaster – 9th Place (semifinalist)

Leadership Strategies – Grace Abernathy, Kian Hammer, Katerina Sitaras - 2nd Place 

Mass Production – Kian Hammer, Grant Hanssen – 2nd Place

Prepared Speech – Kian Hammer – 8th place (semifinalist)

Problem Solving – Kian Hammer, Grant Hanssen – 4th Place (finalist)

Promotional Marketing – Katerina Sitaras – 3rd Place

Video Game Design – Xavier MacDonald, Tyler McMaster – 8th Place (semifinalist) 

Cascade K-8

Children’s Stories – Hannah Bolton, Isabella Sandborn, Leilah Michi, Lili Cameron – 1st Place

Forensic Technology – Hannah Bolton, Leilah Michi – 3rd Place

Mass Production – Isabella Sandborn, Lily Cameron – 3rd Place

Mass Production – Kiana Witwer, Lola Maas – Finalist 

Website Design – Adah Perry, Alex Tapia, Lola Maas – 3rd Place

STEM Animation – Kiana Witwer, Sagan Pitts – Finalist

VEX Robotics – Alex Tapia, Davyn Seather Brady, Duncan Neeley-Holmes, Isabella Sandborn, Kuba Howell, Matthew Loewen, Miguel MacBriar-Hernandez, Sagan Pitts – Finalist 

Videogame Design – Duncan Neeley-Holmes, Kiana Witwer, Makai Ono, Matthew Loewen, Miguel MacBriar-Hernandez – Finalist