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Highland Games Robotics Tournament at Shorecrest on Jan. 12

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Student robotics teams from around the region will converge on Shorecrest High School, 15343 25th Ave. NE, this Saturday, January 12, for the annual Highland Games Tournament. The event will be held in the school’s gymnasium from 10:00 am - 4:30 pm and is free to attend.

Over 30 teams, including ones from Shorecrest and Casdcade K-8, will compete in scored competitions throughout the day using robots they designed, built and control using VEX Robotics kits. Teams earn points by making their robots toss balls at flags, flipping cones and climbing platforms. Teams will earn judged awards and also compete in a single elimination tournament the last hour of the event. You can see a preview of this year's competition site layout and rules HERE.

“This is a really exciting event, not only for the students competing, but also the spectators. You really get into it.” said Kari Potter, Shorecrest’s robotics team advisor. “We hope to see a lot of people here to support the Shorecrest and Cascade K-8 teams.”


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