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New Devices Coming to High Schools' One-to-One Program

The new year will bring new one-to-one learning devices for most Shorecrest and Shorewood students. With the students’ current iPads at the end of their planned cycle of use, they will be replaced with Lenovo 500e Convertible Chromebooks and hard cases at the beginning of the 3rd quarter in early February. Seniors will continue to use their iPads until the end of the school year.

The decision to switch learning devices from iPads to Chromebooks was made after surveys, focus groups and device testing found that students, teachers and parents/guardians overwhelmingly preferred the Chromebook hybrid laptop-tablet for its ability to balance productivity and creativity. The devices also feature easy integration with district resources and programs, such as Canvas and Google education apps. Each high school will also have mobile hotspots available for students to check out when they are in need of internet connectivity outside of school.

The retired iPads will be repurposed for other uses or resold to offset costs. The new Chromebooks are funded from levy funds approved by voters in 2014.

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