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CK8 Community Book Experience


Welcome to the Cascade K-8 Community Book Experience! By now each family should have a copy of the book. If you didn't receive a book in your materials last week, please let Chrisy know. ( 

The book is divided into "Rounds," just like a boxing match. We will be reading this book for 5 weeks, dividing it into 2 Rounds per week. Each week, I'll update this blog with a link to the read-aloud video where we have guest parents and students who have volunteered to read. I will also include links and resources that will support your learning and connection with the book.

We hope that you enjoy this book as a family, finding time to read and talk about it together. 

Click here for book "trailers" as fun introductions to the book. 

Watch this for a Read Aloud video of Round 1 of the book

After you're done reading Rounds 1 & 2, talk about characters you've met so far.  What do you like about each of them. Do you have questions about them? Main characters so far:  Cassius Clay, Lucky, Rudy Clay, Mrs. Odessa "Bird" Clay, and Cassius "Cash" Clay Sr.

Schedule for the book experience - 

May 10th - Rounds 1 & 2

May 17th - Rounds 3 & 4

May 24th - Rounds 5 & 6

May 31st - Rounds 7 & 8

June 7th - Rounds 9 & 10