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CK8 Community Book Experience


Welcome to the Cascade K-8 Community Book Experience! By now each family should have a copy of the book. If you didn't receive a book in your materials last week, please let Chrisy know. ( 

The book is divided into "Rounds," just like a boxing match. We will be reading this book for 5 weeks, dividing it into 2 Rounds per week. Each week, I'll update this blog with a link to the read-aloud video where we have guest parents and students who have volunteered to read. I will also include links and resources that will support your learning and connection with the book.

We hope that you enjoy this book as a family, finding time to read and talk about it together. 

Click here for book "trailers" as fun introductions to the book.  

Becoming Muhammad Ali Week 5 - Rounds 9 & Final - June 7th

We hope you are enjoying our community book! Watch this video for our read aloud of Round 9.

Thank you for reading this book with us! Here is one more extra link for you - an interview with the authors and one of Ali's daughters. Today Show Interview

If your family wants to learn more about Muhammad Ali, there are lots of other books for children and adults! 


Schedule for the book experience - 

May 10th - Rounds 1 & 2 - Link

May 17th - Rounds 3 & 4 - Link

May 24th - Rounds 5 & 6 - Link

May 31st - Rounds 7 & 8 - Link

June 7th - Rounds 9 & 10 - Link