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Introduction to Therapist from Ryther

Hi Shorewood staff and students,
My name is Sarah Lantz (she/her), and I’m therapist from Ryther’s Outpatient Clinic at your school on Fridays to offer therapy services for students. I have a masters degree in social work from UW Seattle and have worked as a mental health therapist for over a year, working with young adults, youth, and families. I approach therapy from a strengths-based, social justice perspective and use evidence-based practices like CBT, TF-CBT, and DBT. Therapy is a collaborative process where we work together to help you achieve goals related to your mental health.
Therapy services are not funded through the school. Depending on the student’s insurance coverage, there may be fees and co-pays. When the referral is processed, Ryther’s intake team will check with the insurance company and the student's family to ensure there is coverage and a payment plan if there are co-pays/fees.
What do I do if I am interested receiving therapy services at the school?
Wonderful! Please talk to your school counselor, and they will help coordinate a time to do a meet and greet with me. At the meet and greet, I’ll be able to answer any questions you may have and explain more about what therapy is, so you can decide if this is a service you want.
What if I decide I want therapy?
Let your counselor know and they will fill out a referral form to send to Ryther. You’ll then be scheduled for an intake with me.
How long will it take for me to start therapy?
Great question! As there have been a lot of referrals, it may take a few weeks for you to be scheduled. Please be patient.
Will therapy be scheduled during class?
I am here on Fridays during the school day, so yes, sessions may be scheduled during class time. I have some limited availability right before and after school. We will work together to find a time that least conflicts with your schedule and that won’t impact your learning.
Sarah Lantz, MSW LSWAIC
she/her pronouns
Child and Family Therapist
Ryther Outpatient Services
Work Phone: 206-308-7961
Ryther Front Desk: 206-525-5050
Ryther's Address: 2​400 NE 95th St, Seattle, WA 98115