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What happens to my Google account after graduation

You’re graduating! Congratulations! You’ve turned in your iPad, now what? If you’ve been in Shoreline since 7th grade, you have a significant archive of work in our G Suite domain. That archive may include letters of recommendation written on your behalf, examples of academic work that you’d like to hang onto, important email communication, etc. Now you need to make a plan for saving your G Suite archive if you’d like to continue to access all of this stuff after 11/1/19.


How long can you access your K12 Google Account, Canvas and Naviance after graduation?

  • Naviance and Family Access: Until July 23, 2019. After this date, you will no longer be an active student and your access to Naviance and Family Access will be discontinued. If there are letters of recommendation in Naviance that you will need after this date, download them before July 25, 2019.
  • G Suite and Canvas: Until November 1, 2019. After this date, you will no longer be in the LDAP directory that is used to log into G Suite and Canvas.


How can I easily create and save an archive from my K12 Google Account?

If you are 18 as of 5/24/19, you have been given access to a service called Google Takeout. This service will walk you through simple steps to create an archive of your K12 Google account and share and save that archive through several options depending on your personal preference. Instructions for using Google Takeout can be found at


I’m not 18 yet, how do I save my stuff?

Option A: We have a list with birthdates and will migrate users to the organization that has Google Takeout allowed as they pass their 18th birthday. So you can wait until you’re 18 or...


Option B: Can’t wait until your 18th birthday? You can also use the Sharing feature in G Suite and share your docs, etc with another personal Google account that belongs to you. You also have the option of downloading files and emails you wish to save by 9/1/19.