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Caen Laida

Full version of Caen Laida 2021:


Please congratulate the following seniors on being selected by the Shorecrest Staff for these prestigious end of the year, annual Shorecrest awards:

The Ross Hansen Award for seniors who exemplify his striving for academic excellence and his love of athletic experiences:
Ana Scott & Gabe Nelson
The Steven Hellwig Award for seniors who demonstrate the following characteristics: loyalty, service, responsibility, perseverance, friendliness, and optimism:
Fal Iyoab & Skye Gearhart
Thank you to those who helped write and present the awards:
Suzanne Monson
Brett Vlahovich
Craig van den Bosch
Maija Alves
Brandon Christensen

Caen Laida was livestreamed and recorded for families and the entire Shorecrest community.

The video recording is available here.