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Top 25 Seniors (Class of 2021)

Today's featured Top 25 Senior:



Kamila has spent her entire 4 years of high school having to balance and keep up with many activities on top of school work. She has had a job since freshman year and has learned the necessary skills to support herself & pay for almost all of her expenses through budgeting. A lot of those skills were gained through being a part of DECA for 3 years, making it to state all 3, and getting top 7 at state her sophomore year. Exercise and staying active has been a huge factor in maintaining a healthy mental state, which is something she discovered through her 2 years on the SCHS swim team. While maintaining a 4.0 GPA in honors and college level classes, she would work part time, volunteer, babysit and tutor her siblings, as well as help her parents sort out whatever was needed and required knowledge of the English language. She challenged herself to get out of her comfort zone and run for class senator, which helped her grow her social & leadership skills further. She is looking forward to deepening her knowledge of business & marketing at UW Seattle this fall.


Shorecrest Counselor Sara McManus says this about Kamila: "Since I first met her in the 9th grade, Kamila has impressed me with her maturity, poise, and confidence. Whether competing with DECA or working as a volunteer docent at SAM for the ArtReach program, she has an eye for detail and a drive to challenge herself that makes her a valuable member of any team. Throughout high school I have watched her take on one challenge after another, most recently balancing high school, college classes, a job, and her responsibilities at home throughout a pandemic. She is thoughtful and creative, and her problem-solving abilities make her a standout human. As the first generation in her family to attend college in the United States, she is looking forward to studying Business and Marketing at the University of Washington next fall."


June 3 feature:


While at Shorecrest, Amelie Whitesell was an active member of the Shorecrest Drama program, as well as a part of feminism club and National Honor Society. Throughout sophomore, junior, and senior year, she volunteered with Planned Parenthood through a program called Teen Council, a peer education group that teaches comprehensive and inclusive sex ed to middle and high schoolers in the greater Seattle area and advocates for reproductive justice. She also has been a counselor for Kitsap Forest Theatre Adventure Camp for years.  Through these volunteer activities she received Shorecrest’s Distinquished Service Award. Amelie is so excited to be attending the University of Southern California to major in Acting, and likely double major in Gender & Sexuality Studies!


Drama and English teacher Andy Kidd writes this: “Amelie is first and foremost a leader, a thoughtful young woman who commands the respect of an entire room when she speaks. She has been an active member of our drama program, participating in every production since her arrival. She grew into her role as leader, but the way she embraces it is the most impressive. Never assuming, always keeping the focus on work and community, she makes everyone feel like they belong and should follow her. I often cite her as an example of someone to follow, or watch, when we need to learn how to be. … Our drama program has high expectations from our community and she has delivered every time, with outstanding performances that live in the work she has done in preparation. She analyzes text, researches, questions, and plays. She lives in the details. .. Lastly, Amelie is a kind and giving person. She is careful to acknowledge everyone, and always displays a sense of gratitude that is unique in people her age.”


June 2 feature:


During his time at Shorecrest, Ben played on the Varsity Tennis team, was a member of National Honor Society, and volunteered at numerous community non-profit organizations. In his spare time Benjamin enjoys skiing, travel and playing recreational tennis. This fall Ben is pursuing a degree at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business and plans to major in Finance and Information Systems.


National Board Certified teacher Matt Gallagher says this: “I am privileged to share some snapshots of Ben Wendt as a terrific Pre-Calculus student… From my vantage point as a math teacher of 20 years, I have been wowed by Ben’s rare combination of keen problem-solving ability, his persistence in reaching a goal, and the considerate manner in which he interacts with those in his midst… (A memorable example) of Ben’s very thorough work was evident in a project regarding the (hypothetical) costs of purchasing a home. Ben’s use of the exponential formulas, especially related to present and future value of loans, upped the level of rigor in his investigation and his attention to detail in the actual and peripheral costs was exemplary…. His persistence landed him a job-shadowing opportunity with a VP with Lucky Brand Jeans . . . With his budding mathematical prowess and problem-solving ability, synchronized with his kind and personable demeanor, I’m confident Ben is on the path to stardom.”


June 1 feature:


During her four years at Shorecrest, Talis tried to get as involved as possible, especially in the amazing artistic opportunities at Shorecrest. She was a member of the Art Club core committee. She was involved in Tattoo Club, where her poems and short stories were published in the Literary Arts Magazine; has been a member of SCNN for two years; and participated in two Shorecrest Drama productions. She held an officer position for Interact Club as a junior, and, as a Natural Helper, delivered suicide awareness presentations to classes and provided mental health support for students. Talis has been a member of National Honor Society. Through her community service work, she has received both the “President’s Volunteer Service Award” and “Shorecrest’s Service of Merit Award,” all while balancing academics and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Outside of school, Talis has been a dancer at Westlake Dance Center all four years of high school. She also wrote, directed, and edited films, a few of which have been selected for the All American High School Film Festival, Shoreline Film Festival, and Foundry10’s Everyday Unboxed Showcase. Next year, Talis will be attending the School of Cinematic Arts at USC.


Senior Civics teacher Marcy Caruso writes: "Talis is a fabulously well-rounded human being: intelligent, academic, and artistic. She consistently demonstrates her outstanding work ethic and ability to multi-task, balancing an extremely rigorous academic load with multiple extracurricular activities. Throughout it all, she maintains a positive 'can do' attitude and always meets challenges with absolute thoroughness and attention to detail. What I appreciate most about Talis, however, is how authentic and compassionate of a person she is. She is kind and humble, with a gift for working with people across a wide spectrum of backgrounds, ages, and abilities. She sets a tone of inclusiveness where everyone feels valued and heard. Maturity and genuine respect for others allow Talis to truly listen, respond with genuine interest, and reach out to support others whenever she can. A classroom, a club, a friend group—they are all better places because of her presence.”


May 28 feature:



Top 25 student Isabella Washburn’s biggest accomplishment in high school was maintaining a 4.0 while also rowing for Greenlake Crew. In 2019, her varsity lightweight boat placed top ten at nationals. Isabella has also received an award for her AP scores, and received a merit award for her NHS volunteer hours. Next year, Isabella plans to study biology at the University of Washington and would like to studying abroad at some point.


Advanced Placement Biology teacher Jessica Raman writes this: “Isabella is a bright and curious student (who) took AP Biology as a Junior, which is rare at our school. She consistently was at the top of the class on all assignments, lab reports and exams in terms of overall score and also depth of thought and quality of work. Isabella’s dedication to her schoolwork was evident throughout the year in any piece of work she turned in. … I was continually impressed by Isabella’s determination to succeed in AP Biology during a challenging time. She was one of the few students in my class who completed all assigned online work, she prepared diligently for the AP exam and showed me her true personality and ability to persist during unprecedented circumstances. While her transcript is impressive, I think what is more impressive to me is the grace, and humbleness she shows in the classroom. Isabella is a team player in science, she is always willing to help others, and works to understand content fully while helping others do the same.”


May 27 feature:



Skye Gearhart has been an active member of the Shorecrest community since her freshman year, where she was able to be president of our Key Club for all of her high school career. Though Key Club was where she was most active, she also participated in Model UN, Natural Helpers, and was a student council representative for a bit of time. She has also been recently involved with the Girls Softball team as their manager, helping the coaches, and cheering for the team during games. Skye has been awarded the gold and silver key for two of her art pieces from the West Region’s Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. After graduating, she plans on attending the University of Washington as an Environmental Science major. Skye has no clue what she would like to do for work, but she’s sure that will come with time!


Shorecrest English teacher and Key Club advisor Josh Whitling says this: “Skye became president of Key Club at the end of her freshman year and has been the heartbeat of the club since. She genuinely cares about making the world a better place, and doesn’t just do it in a performative way, but actually takes action and participates. She’s got an infectious goofiness that inspires others. She is real - all the time. She’s faced many challenges along the way during her high school career, but has remained focused on academics and service in a way that is inspirational…. I honestly don’t think Key Club would still be around if she hadn’t taken things by the reins four years ago.”


May 26 feature:


During his Shorecrest years Owen was a part of the boys’ soccer team, which was unfortunately cut short by the pandemic and an injury. Owen also played premier club soccer throughout high school. In his freshman year, Owen earned the Otis Award for balancing academics and athletics for soccer. He has taken a number of advanced/AP courses throughout high school and made valuable connections with lifelong friends. Next year, Owen will be attending the University of Washington.


Counselor Jenny Breed writes: “Owen has a clear love of math….(and his) math enrollment reflects this as well. I have few students who take nearly every class we offer, pairing AP Statistics with AP Calculus. His AP Stats teacher emphasized his strength, noting he is the only student who earned 100% on every quiz and test this year. …Working hard in school has always been a personal standard for Owen. …He’s organized, sharp and productive. … When asked about things people might not know about him, he shared with me these thoughts: ‘I value close connections with people because it's nice to be able to have people who can understand what you're feeling, and vice versa. In my life, I have close friends who I can always talk to and who can always talk to me about anything.’”


May 25 feature:


Over her four years at Shorecrest, Abigail has been involved in many curriculars, groups, and clubs that have impacted her high school experience. She has been a part of the flag team since her freshman year. She has also been a member of the varsity girls swim team for 4 years, qualifying for state for 3 years and breaking the medley relay record. Abigail joined youth court, working hard and earning community service hours, and finally worked her way up to being head judge her senior year. She has also been involved with National Honor Society, link leaders, and ASB leadership. These are the clubs and teams that inspired and pushed her to work hard in school and apply to colleges. Next year Abigail will be attending the University of San Diego where she was given the Presidential Merit Scholarship and will be studying psychology. Without Shorecrest and the experiences she has had here the last four years, none of this would be possible.


Social Studies teacher Stephen Growdon says this about her: “In particular, I was impressed with Abby’s intelligence, her high degree of responsibility and her impressive work ethic. In my history classes Abby consistently demonstrated intellectual curiosity, diligence, and a commitment to academic excellence. I could always count on Abby to step forward and contribute to classroom activities and discussions, and she consistently went above and beyond my expectations with the effort and thought she put into completing assignments. … Abby is truly a pleasure to have as a student.”


May 24 feature:



Renn’s Shorecrest sports highlights include playing soccer under Coach Drew Thompson and Coach Cotto; receiving the Otis Award for Athletic & Academic Achievement and being named JV Most Valuable Player by his teammates. Under Coach Mindy Dalziel, Renn was a member of Seattle United WA State Cup Champions in 2018, 2019, 2020. Thanks to the guidance and encouragement of Shorecrest teachers, coaches, and staff, Renn looks forward to beginning his studies in Informatics at the University of Washington Seattle’s iSchool in the fall.


Matt Gallagher, National Board Certified teacher, calls Renn Brainard “Mr. Positivity" and describes “the pleasure of teaching Renn Brainard … in a rigorous PreCalculus class (where) it’s been an absolute delight to watch his growth as a student and as a young man. In addition to the consistently wonderful performance in my class, he ponders math deeply and with seeming joy (including a project) regarding the financing of his college education. Renn’s presentation of the topic was exemplary, in particular the clarity with which he utilized the complicated present and future value loan formulas. … One thing about Renn that inspires his peers and me, is the quiet genius he possesses. Renn is an insatiable learner: he codes in his spare time ‘because he finds it interesting,’ and just picks up books about investing and economics because he’d like to start a business in the future.”


May 21 feature:



Ethan Yao has served as a leader at Shorecrest in many ways. As a Natural Helper, he led discussions on suicide prevention and served his school as a class Justice for all four years of high school. He enjoyed participating in jazz band and marching band as a trumpet section leader. He also enjoyed playing on the Varsity golf team since his freshman year. Ethan’s favorite community service activities include organizing a district-wide food drive, tutoring and playing games with kids, and volunteering with a South African nonprofit organization focused on environmental protection, all of which helped him earn Shorecrest’s Service of Distinction award. Ethan is passionate about environmentalism and plans to study Environmental Science at Pitzer College in Claremont, California.


Pre-calculus teacher Claire Hinman says this: “Ethan is a detail-oriented student who … is always willing to help another student or explain an idea if someone is confused. Not only is Ethan a highly capable and motivated student, but he is also a very creative thinker. In our Pre-Calculus class, we focus on developing problem solving skills and using previous knowledge to answer real world questions. Ethan excels at approaching a problem with an open mind and willingness to try different methods…. His commitment to others and leadership ability is evident in the type of community service he chooses … Ethan was selected by his peers and teachers to be a Natural Helper (which) trains students to support their peers in social emotional health and suicide prevention. The fact that Ethan was chosen for this position says a lot about his connections with his peers as well as his dedication and compassion for others.”


May 20 feature:



In the fast-moving blur of high school, Fal has gotten out of her comfort zone to delve deeper into what she loves. Since freshman year, Fal has played on Shorecrest’s Varsity Softball team, where her cheers can be heard echoing around the field. Interested in global affairs and diplomacy, Fal joined the Model UN club at Shorecrest, becoming co-President her sophomore year. Loving creativity and literature, Fal has enjoyed her time in Shorecrest’s Tattoo Literary magazine. Aiding in volunteer projects, she served as an officer for Key Club and volunteered at the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library, and Girls Rock Math. Fal joined yearbook in 10th grade, and she served as a co-Editor in her junior and senior year. Fal has served as an ASB justice since her freshman year. She’s appreciated being a member of clubs like Black Student Union and Natural Hair Care club to help her find her voice. In her senior year, she got involved with Black Lives Matter Shoreline youth, supporting protests and advocating for racial justice. As a junior, she became a Natural Helper, getting the chance to learn how to be a peer counselor and educate fellow students about mental health. She currently works at Black Coffee Northwest where she’s grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by coffee, culture, and community. Next year, Fal plans to attend the University of Washington where she hopes to major in American Ethnic Studies and International Affairs.


French teacher Liz Storck writes: “When I met Fal her freshman year, I was struck by how hard she worked. She would often give 150% effort on even the smallest of assignments. … To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed. … She knows that hard work and education are sure ways to open doors for herself. Once she gets those doors open, she is going to be unstoppable! Fal expressed to me that through her French studies she has developed a strong appreciation for culture - especially cultures that are different than her own. I can see this commitment to learning about people manifesting in her taking on more and more leadership roles in our school. Fal is the kind of person who leads extremely well from behind the scenes. She is not flashy or in your face, but her influence is felt almost everywhere in our school. …. Fal has a lot to say, and as she continues to focus her attentions on learning about different cultures and communities, she may be able to help bridge some gaps and bring people back together. A young person with that kind of potential makes me feel really hopeful for the future.”


May 19 feature:



During her four years at Shorecrest, Mimi has been involved with ASB, Interact, National Honor Society, DECA, Flag team, Varsity Girls Tennis, and is a four year starting Varsity member (and 2021 Co-Captain) of SC Girls Soccer - helping the Scots advance to the State tournament twice. Having played for Seattle United ECNL the last 5 years, she’s captained her team for 3 seasons, was named to the ECNL CSP/PSP roster, won the NW ECNL Conference, and was named as an ECNL Player to Watch in 2019. During her freshman and sophomore summers she volunteered for a week-long service project with Gleanings for the Hungry in California processing over 200 tons of donated fruit to be globally distributed to areas impacted by extreme poverty. Her volunteer work earned her a President’s Volunteer Service Award. During Covid-19, she founded two thriving online start-ups selling high school merchandise and consignment/thrifted clothing. As a recruited athlete, Mimi is excited to be playing collegiate soccer for St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, this fall where she’s also a President's Distinguished Scholarship recipient. She plans on going pre-law majoring in Business and Journalism.


Counselor Jill Brown writes this: “Our staff love having Mimi as a student. Typical feedback includes the comments ‘hard worker’ and a ‘delight to have in class,’ but teachers go further to share she is driven, responsible, and high-achieving. I admire Mimi’s ability to balance extra-curricular activities and her desire to achieve academic excellence….For now, a core value of Mimi’s is to seek social justice and fight for those without a voice.”


May 18 feature:



Over his years at Shorecrest, Kristopher maintained a 4.0 GPA and was active in a few different extracurriculars. During his junior year he really began to venture outside of his comfort zone and joined ASB as a Site Council Representative for the class of 2021, so that the smaller voices of his class could be heard within the leadership community. He also joined selfless groups such as Natural Helpers and Key Club.  Kristopher was a member of the Shorecrest Band all four years of high school and loved being part of such a warm community that shares feelings through music, as well as a bunch of laughs! His passions have always been in helping others in whatever ways he can, so Kristopher hopes to continue with that attitude throughout the rest of the year, into college, and into his life after school. With a variety of choices for college and after lots of thought, Kristopher is happy to announce that he will be attending Portland State University this fall with the current goal of earning a Mathematics BA degree as well as getting his teaching certification so that he can teach math in the future! Be authentic to yourself and don't forget to keep it weird!


English teacher Ian Powell writes this about Kris: “It would be easy to scan Kris’ irreproachable résumé and applaud his multitude of achievements. However, it is his ability to navigate life with such poise and determination that stands out to me most.… I always placed struggling students next to Kris, because I knew that he would show them compassion and guidance. I told him on multiple occasions, ‘You would make an amazing teacher one day.’ I don’t say this to a lot of students, but Kris has the thoughtfulness, understanding, knowledge, and problem-solving skills to be an effective educator. During his senior year, he vocalized his intentions to pursue a career in teaching: ‘I think my main passion is educating people on not only core subjects, but I also want to teach them about real life and feelings, so they can have a feeling of love and acceptance.’”


May 17 feature:



Samantha Grover is an active member of both the Shorecrest Science club and Environmental club. She is also a member of the Shorecrest Highland Dance team, as well as participates in Highland Dance competitions within the Northwest region. In the winter, Samantha is an avid skier. Next year, she will be going to UW Seattle for an Environmental Science Major. Samantha looks forward to learning more about sustainable energy solutions in college!


Advanced Placement Environmental Science teacher Anne Baker writes this: “(Samantha) excels in my class, a rigorous applied science that requires both prior knowledge of biology and chemistry and synthesis of science with concepts of ethics, economics, and international relations. While impressive, her academic and extracurricular accomplishments are only window dressing for Samantha’s real talents. Samantha is the rarest kind of natural leader. Rather than cheering on group-mates during work times, as opposed to taking charge of a floundering team, Samantha nudges subtly. She allows others to take more visible leadership roles while ensuring the work gets done and everyone contributes and understands. She leads from behind, with gentle herding and kindness, as opposed to pulling everyone along.”


May 14 feature:



Elisa started at Shorecrest her junior year, and because of COVID, she only got to experience that year - but it was a great year for sure. Elisa had a lot of fun being a member of Key Club, and was the co-treasurer for the Model UN club. Tutoring chemistry for a bit in her junior year also made Elisa realize that she definitely wants to include chemistry in her future. Outside of school, she tutors Arabic to younger Lebanese kids in her community, because she values her culture and wants them to stay close to it as well. Elisa has also done a lot of work for Beirut in general, like setting up a donation drive when the explosion happened. She worked at Starbucks for two years, but now works at a family owned Lebanese cafe/catering company part time. Elisa plans to attend UW Seattle in the fall to study law and hopefully go to law school afterwards. Her main goal is to return to Lebanon with her education and knowledge and try to make it a better place to live for future generations. 

Chemistry teacher Braddock Grieve says this: “From the first day I met her, Elisa struck me as a very capable and caring person who was always looking for ways to be altruistic. Elisa’s previous school experience had taught her much of the Chemistry curriculum, but instead of checking out and coasting Elisa offered to tutor other students once a week during lunch. . . . During the spring of 2020, our school adopted a grading policy of freezing student grades at whatever they were before closure, meaning that classwork was optional for all students. Elisa had an A at that point, yet she turned in every single home learning assignment, and even showed up for the office hours with productive questions and insight. I was truly impressed with her commitment to learning during this time, her quality of work was still excellent even though it was optional for her. Elisa continually seeks to learn and deepen her knowledge, and this along with her natural altruism ensure she will continue to succeed after high school.”


May 13 feature:



Oliver filled up his life in high school with activities and was a part of many groups. He has been a competitive gymnast for 12 years, and has been at the top level (level 10) for the last four years. Oliver is going to continue as a gymnastics coach during college. He has also been a boy scout for the last five years, and advanced through the ranks to become an Eagle Scout, in addition to having been the Senior Patrol Leader of his troop for a time. Oliver has been a member of five bands at Shorecrest. He played first trombone in the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band, is the Drum Major of the Shorecrest Marching Band and Pep Band, and participated in the pit orchestra for five Shorecrest Drama musicals. From being a member in these musicals, volunteering throughout his boy scout career, and participating in other community service activities, he has over 450 hours of community service. In addition to these activities, Oliver also has a job as a merchandising sales associate at Crate & Barrel, a camp counselor at Camp Shoreline, and is a gymnastics coach at Cascade Elite Gymnastics. His plans for next fall include going to the University of Washington Seattle, and study aerospace engineering.

Music teacher and band director Vince Caruso says this about Oliver: As the drum major for Shorecrest's marching band, “Oliver has attended leadership and drum major camp; co-lead the band at football games, basketball games, and assemblies; assisted with rehearsals; and is always asking, ‘What can I do to help?’ … As his band director, one of his most impressive accomplishments took place during the COVID lockdown from March through June 2020 while we were all relegated to being at home. For more than three months Oliver and his family (brother, father, mother) took time each week day to learn a pop/rock song by ear, write a simple arrangement, and perform it from the front steps of their home for their neighbors. This daily ‘tiny porch concert’ was not only an excellent demonstration of his dedication to and love of music, but also an uplifting and unifying event for his neighbors and community. It perfectly illustrates the type of creativity and optimism with which Oliver approaches school and life—even when the silver lining is hard to find.”


May 12 feature:



Top 25 Senior Karina McDuffie has been a member of Shorecrest’s National Honor Society. Her favorite opportunity for community service hours has been volunteering at her old elementary’s 5th and 6th grade Camp Caber for two years. Since sophomore year, Karina has had a job and is currently on her second one at a retirement home! In the fall, she will be attending Seattle Pacific University with all four years paid through scholarships! During her time at SPU, Karina will major in mechanical engineering and she can’t wait to dive in deeper and is so excited for her future.


Shorecrest science teacher Nicole Steward writes this:  "Karina has been a smiling, calm, and kind presence in every class I’ve had her in. She has a sparkling confidence, a great attitude, and creates the most beautiful notes and assignments. Since the day she stepped into my room as a freshman, she was a student ready to take on any challenge, a friendly classmate to all, and always dedicated to her education."


May 11 feature:



Vivian is always up for a challenge. When the opportunity came to take Running Start classes at Shoreline Community College, she jumped at the chance. She has always loved math and science. While at SCC she completed both the calculus and chemistry series, and has taken engineering physics, and advanced math courses. Outside of class Vivian enjoys volunteering and working in the community. Last summer and fall she helped pass on her love of math to girls as a counselor at the Girls Rock Math camps. She also works with students of all grades as a math tutor at the Shoreline Mathnasium. Vivian has been involved in martial arts for over ten years. She enjoys studying the different fighting arts from around the globe at MKG Martial Arts in Seattle and she was a youth instructor at MKG for several years. Two years ago she completed a grueling two-day test to finally earn her black belt. Vivian will be attending the University of Washington in the fall where she was accepted into the College of Engineering through their Direct to College admissions program. She is interested in pursuing either Chemical or Environmental Engineering.


Advanced Placement World History teacher Maija Waugh says this about her: "Vivian is a strong, quiet, honest and respected student in the school community. She is gracious, kind, generous and thoughtful. She can make anyone feel comfortable and positive about their work. Vivian works well with anyone and offers insightful feedback and help to classmates. Most remarkable, Vivian applies the same dedication and commitment to all of her activities, it doesn’t matter if they are “high profile”, she simply wants to do the best job possible. Vivian has displayed incredible character in my class. Asking for help and clarification when needed, using her strengths to help others and always with humility. Her honesty and conviction are remarkable and desirable traits in a climate where 'getting ahead no matter the costs' is typical. This displays the maturity and responsibility that Vivian has with everything she does in her life. What sets Vivian above other students is this character.”


May 11 feature:



While at Shorecrest, Isaac was a member of ASB for four years as a Senator, Treasurer, and Vice President where he planned events, fundraised, and advocated for the needs of students. He has also been a four-year member of the Varsity Track and Field team. Isaac was a member of DECA his junior and senior years competing in team entrepreneurship with his partner Gabe Nelson, qualifying for the International Conference both years. In his free time, he looks to the mountains where he enjoys backpacking and climbing and is an active member of the Mountaineers Club. Isaac also tutors elementary students in math, as well as volunteers for his youth group, helping him obtain the President Service Award. Next year, Isaac will be attending the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington, where he plans to study Economics and Business Administration. He is incredibly grateful for the infectiously kind Shorecrest community and the overwhelming support of his teachers and peers.


David Svreck, honor biology/bio-technology teacher writes: “Isaac has challenged himself academically by enrolling in AP Physics, AP US History, AP Comparative Government, UW Pre-Calculus, AP English Literature, AP Calculus, AP Biology, and AP Leadership…. He is very passionate about his school and community service. He recently volunteered in Mexico at an orphanage for a week, is the environmental club leader, and the church leader for community service projects focused on youth outreach. From freshman to seniors, Isaac is the common denominator that all students can rely on for sound advice and guidance.”


May 7 feature:



While at Shorecrest, Jerlen’s proudest accomplishments were centered around community service. She has been awarded the President’s Service Award for multiple years, acquiring 400+ community service hours. Many of these hours were spent as a Girls Rock Math! summer camp counselor, a group leader for Central Washington’s Explore Mars Academy, and one of Briarcrest Elementary School’s 4th/5th grade Math Olympiad coaches. Since her freshman year, she has been a part of Shorecrest Key Club. Spending her first three years as club secretary, she later served as her division’s Lt. Governor, representing five other high school Key Clubs at the district level. She was also a part of Shorecrest’s Model United Nations, National Honor Society, and spent a lot of her nutrition and lunch breaks filming or editing videos for SCNN. For the last two years, she has worked as a Kumon Training Assistant and has been attending Shoreline Community College as a Running Start student. She’ll miss everyone at Shorecrest but can’t wait to start studying at the University of Washington’s College of Engineering.


Shorecrest Counselor Wendy Friedman writes: “It was clear from the start that Jerlen would accomplish great things during high school. She started her freshman year with rigorous classes and has continued to challenge herself each year with honors, AP, and community college classes. Jerlen excels in math and science and has shared her knowledge with younger students by volunteering many hours with Girls Rock Math Camp and Math Olympiad. She has logged hundreds of hours of community service over the last four years, volunteering at local elementary school carnivals, neighborhood events and beach clean-ups. Jerlen knows the value of education and community and the University of Washington is lucky to have her join their community in the fall.”


May 6 feature:



During his time at Shorecrest, Tyler participated in the Shorecrest TSA club, and was a member of the Shorecrest boys swim team. He is also a member of National Honor Society. Because Shorecrest did not have an ultimate frisbee team, Tyler played ultimate frisbee on a club team. Additionally, he spent a lot of time volunteering as an assistant coach for the ultimate frisbee team at the middle school he attended. Tyler has not decided where he is going to college, but he plans to study some kind of engineering, and he has narrowed his choices down to Stevens Institute of Technology, Colorado School of the Mines, Gonzaga, or UW.


Engineering teacher Kari Potter says this about him: “Tyler enrolled in my robotics class during his sophomore year. In the robotics classroom, the students have a lot of freedom to push themselves. Tyler excelled in this environment. He was always on task and took his learning very seriously. He asked questions when he wasn’t sure, and then pushed forward completing every task with a high level of academic maturity. Tyler is also a role model citizen in the classroom. He is kind to everyone, and students enjoy working with him.”


May 5 feature:



Throughout the past four years, Madeleine has been a part of Tattoo (Shorecrest’s literary arts magazine) and Gainz club. She swam on the varsity swim team since joining as a freshman and had the pleasure of being captain this season. She also enjoyed designing this year’s swim t-shirts and hoodies. Madeleine has been a full-time Running Start student for the past two years at Shoreline Community College. It was at one of her art classes there where her art professor formally asked permission to use her art as examples for his future classes and promotion for the Shoreline Community College Studio Art program. Madeleine has also been working for the King County Library System for the past year. Next fall she'll be attending Whitman College where she was awarded an academic excellence scholarship and is interested in studying art, psychology and sociology.


English teacher Joe Peterson writes: “She is a strong student, an amazing artist, and a student who really raised the level of discourse in my classroom. In 10th grade, Madeleine was a discussion leader in a class full of articulate students. She provided insightful commentary with her calm, laser sharp, and intelligent analyses. Madeleine worked hard to stay on top of the academic challenges of an honors class, while contributing positively to other activities around the school. I found her to be very reliable, and a good student to check in with when I needed a student’s perspective on the class.”


May 4 feature:


For her senior year, Jasmine was honored to be chosen as the Shorecrest High School National Honor Society president. In junior year, she was elected as the Key Club treasurer and has continued that position into this year. Jasmine has been a member of the Shorecrest varsity volleyball team since her freshman year of high school, and she played club volleyball at Cascade for three years. She has dedicated herself to helping the community by tutoring various subjects and being the assistant volleyball coach at the middle school. Jasmine received the President’s Award three years running and has volunteered for 375 hours. Her artwork was entered into the national Scholastic Art and Writing competition the past two years, and she has won three silver keys and one gold key. Sophomore year, Jasmine received the award for best drawing in a school wide art show. Her plans for next year include going to the University of Washington, Seattle, and studying environmental science and chemistry.


Science teacher Stacia Tellefson says this about Jasmine: "As her homeroom teacher, I have grown very close to Jasmine and had the joy of seeing her interact with a wide range of her peers. She is an incredibly thoughtful human and is one of the first to volunteer to help work with a peer or underclass person. It is in these interactions that I have seen the thoughtful, kind nature of Jasmine absolutely blossom and shine. I have seen her support peers that are exasperated with their math or on the verge of a complete shutdown and Jasmine’s warm nature slowly guides them back to learning. I have lost count of how many times I have witnessed these interactions over the years but they never cease to make our room a warmer space."


May 3 feature:


Whether by helping lead the creation of the first yearbook made during an entirely online school year, dedicating her leadership efforts towards promoting the Highland Piper newspaper, or helping preserve the Mandarin program within the Shoreline School District up until this year, Audrey has worked hard to make lasting impacts within her Shorecrest and greater Shoreline community. Outside of school, Audrey rowed for four years at Green Lake Crew and her lightweight 8+ boat placed ninth in the nation at the 2019 US Rowing Youth Nationals in Sarasota, Florida. She has also performed with the Melody Xie Dance Institute, a traditional Chinese dance troupe dedicated to spreading the art of Chinese dance, for nearly 15 years and has performed at a variety of venues throughout the Pacific Northwest. In continuing her education after high school, Audrey plans to pursue a double major in East Asian Studies with a concentration in Chinese and either International relations or Communication Design at Washington University in St. Louis.


Yearbook advisor Craig van den Bosch writes: “As a special note, she was one of four students, all editors, who picked up the baton and kept running toward the finish line when COVID-19 struck and closed down school. All sports were canceled and we had a lot of empty pages. Audrey, along with her fellow editors, decided to generate new, Covid reflective content instead of going with the company’s premade COVID/year in review. We even finished the book early despite all of the challenges this past spring. Even though there are many notable instances of her going above and beyond what is asked, her ability to step up with confidence to this daunting task is the distinct action that defines her character and is consistent with who she is on a daily basis.”


April 30 feature:



Audrey Hamm is excited to be attending the University of Washington next fall as a part of their Honors Program, where she hopes to study Public Health and Anthropology! At Shorecrest, Audrey served as Secretary of Model United Nations, co-lead of the Ambassadors, and was a proud member of Tattoo Literary Arts Club and Key Club. Extracurricular activities such as the 2019 Northwest Bioexpo and 2020 Seattle Children’s Research Training Program have helped her pursue her interest in biology, history, and politics. She has also trained as a pre-professional dancer with the Cornish Preparatory Dance program for eight years. Her training at Cornish as well as her community service involvement in Sisterhood at the Boys and Girls club of Rainier Vista and the Shorecrest Artreach group have nourished her conviction that the arts are an integral part of building community. Audrey’s dedication to academic excellence and community service involvement have been recognized with several awards, most notably the Gwenn Barker Endowed Scholarship, the title of AP Scholar with Honors, and the President's Community Service Award. She is grateful to all her teachers at Shorecrest for inspiring and supporting her and can’t wait to continue learning and growing in college.


Former English teacher Lacy Clark writes: "Throughout the year that I taught her, Audrey was always an active participant in our discussions and her curious nature opened up a lot of interesting conversations. Additionally, she always supported her peers; her compassionate personality allowed her to work well with others in a team setting, as she always respected others' opinions even when they differed from her own. Audrey has demonstrated an openness to and empathy for the opinions, feelings, and perspectives of others. All of these qualities make her an outstanding student and leader."