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Featured Seniors

Each year at our academic awards ceremony we honor the top 25 academic seniors. These students have worked hard to maintain standard of excellence, earning GPAs in the top 25 of the class of 2020, and leaving a great impact on our school and community. In the coming days we will honor our top 25 seniors, featuring one of these students each day (in no particular order). We are so proud of them!

Emmanuel Tanumihardja

Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Emmanuel Tanumihardja . . .

Emmanuel’s four years at Shorecrest have been a memorable and exciting journey. He  transferred from the Seattle school district, so the first few months were tough. Thanks to the supportive staff and student body, he was able to find his place in the school. Throughout high school, Emmanuel played premier club and varsity high school soccer, and went to state two times. He has volunteered over 200 hours at the Northwest UW Hospital, proctored math Olympiads, and set up robotic competitions. The most memorable moment of his four years is when he competed as a freshman in the NWABR Bio expo. His scientific topic was on how smoking cigarettes increased the risk of getting lung cancer. He combined his research with his passion for computer science and developed a virtual reality simulation to present his research. The project was voted the Inspiration Award, however, the most rewarding feeling came from sharing his research with others. Emmanuel wants to use his computer skills to create technology that would educate people about lung cancer and dissuade them from smoking. He will be attending the University of Washington in the fall and plans to major in computer science with the intent of minoring in computational neuroscience. He is excited about acquiring the tools to explore the brain-computer interface that could potentially help unlock a deeper understanding of the amazing human brain. He is incredibly grateful for the friends he made at Shorecrest and wishes the best of luck to the class of 2020.

Shorewood science teacher Gloria Horne writes this:  “Iman was one of my strongest students last year in regards to both academic ability and maturity. He was in a unique position in that he had to balance classes at a local community and two separate high schools (he attends a high school that does not offer AP chemistry), as well as keep up with a rigorous soccer schedule. Yet, Iman balanced his demanding schedule with determination and ease…”

Simone Rogers

Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Simone Rogers . . .

Throughout Simone’s years at Shorecrest, she was secretary and then co-president of Japan club, and secretary of Gainz club. She fostered multiple animals for the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) as her community service work, and was also a part of the SC National Honor Society. Simone won a second place award for printmaking in the SC Art Expo, and had both art and poetry published in nearly every edition of Tattoo Magazine. She received an honorable mention for Downs Syndrome research in the Art Category at the 2018 Bio-Expo, and also received the Highlander of the Month award from the Business, Industrial Technology, and STEM department. During this time, Simone also worked a few days a week at a local Italian restaurant called Cornuto. As for next year, she has officially committed to the UW Honors Program, with her plan being to major in linguistics. Simone is very excited, but will definitely miss everyone at Shorecrest! She is thankful for everyone at Shorecrest for an incredible four years!

Jenny Breed, counselor at Shorecrest, says this: “Simone Rogers is a student who has always struck me as having maturity, intelligence and style beyond her peers and years…a young woman who stands out as an academic super star and already engages in the world as a polished young adult…. Simone is a person of action when it comes to learning. She appreciates the puzzle of learning in areas such as math, science and languages. Simone applies herself to learn deeply and not just check things off her list when it comes to homework and studying for tests. She shared this: `I think life is so much better when I am motivated by my own curiosity instead of by grades.’ … Japanese has absorbed her: she loves the satisfaction of putting in effort and seeing reward. Her insights show her mature thinking: `The language of a culture is a really interesting way to view a culture. It’s a window into a culture.’”

Grace Perrin

Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Grace Perrin . . .

While at Shorecrest, Grace Perrin was a member of the Environmental Club for four years and was President for the last two years, and she would consistently organize volunteer work parties around the Shoreline neighborhood. In addition to environmental service, Grace volunteered nearly 300 hours at the Northwest Campus of the University of Washington Medical Center (previously known as Northwest Hospital), working with patients and staff on a variety of different tasks, including delivering blood and discharging patients. Grace played soccer for Shorecrest all four years, three of which were spent on the Varsity squad, helping the team reach the state tournament for two of those years. She has also been playing club soccer since she was 8 years old, the past four years for Seattle United, and is currently on the ECNL Composite team. At the end of her Junior year, she joined the Shorecrest Flag Team. She was also a Link Crew Leader and a Lead Ambassador at Shorecrest during her Junior and Senior years. Next year, Grace will be attending Barnard College in New York City to study Computer Science, and plans to play club soccer for Columbia University.

AP Environmental Studies teacher Stacia Tellefson writes: “Grace’s involvement with the Environmental Club has really showcased her dedication and passion. She has not only been an integral part of our schools composting program but she participates in weekend activities bettering her community too. She has talked to the Lake Forest Park city council regarding and resulting in a plastic bag ban and she participates in monthly restoration of our local woods… I have seen her work with a wide variety of her peers, with multiple adults in the school and several community members … She takes her passion and passes it along to others.”

Nicole Nagamatsu

Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Nicole Nagamatsu . . .

Nicole has been a member of the Shorecrest Varsity Softball team all 4 years and was co-captain her junior and senior years. Outside of school, she has played select softball since 8th grade (through which she has traveled to multiple states for tournaments) and co-ed recreational softball since 10th grade. She has been involved in ASB and Leadership all 4 years at Shorecrest and held the positions of Sophomore Senator and Senior Senator, as well as a Wesco Representative for two years. Nicole has been active in the National Honor Society for 3 years and in Interact Club for all 4 years (she was an officer her Junior year); through both, she has participated in various volunteer opportunities. Throughout her high school career, she was awarded Second Place in Creative Writing at the BioExpo (2017); the Rick Rose Memorial Award, which is given to two sophomores who demonstrate important life skills (2018); the Principal's Citizenship Award (2019): and the Kevin Slattery Award, which is a scholarship given to two juniors who have a positive impact on their community (2019). Next year, Nicole will be attending Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, where she has been awarded the Trustee Scholarship and the Pacific Northwest Award. She plans to major in International Affairs.

Rob Mann writes this about Nicole: “As Nicole’s math teacher for Precalculus, I've watched her take the lead many times explaining her work to the class and supporting her group. Also, she wakes up early every morning so that she can greet all the staff and students at the front door with a bright smile and offer each of them positive encouragement. Nicole is one of the best students that I’ve had the pleasure of teaching in my 18 years at Shorecrest High School. She comes to each class with an inquisitive mind ready to learn mathematics. She excels in the subject, so she goes out of her way to ensure the success of her group members.”

Enrique Garcia

Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Enrique Garcia . . .

During Enrique’s four years at Shorecrest, his main outside activities were recreational soccer for two years, and participating in Vocalpoint! Seattle for the entirety of high school. He is part of the founding group of The Club, the best club at Shorecrest. Enrique’s main source of community service came from assisting in setup and teardown of equipment for performances in Vocalpoint. He received an award from the National Hispanic Recognition Program as well as the AP Scholar with Distinction Award. After high school, Enrique plans on attending a four year college and studying computer engineering for his undergraduate. He has not yet decided on the college. It’s probably going to be UW, but who knows?

Shorecrest math teacher Gabe Martinez writes this about the way Enrique approached his University of Washington in the High School Pre-Calculus class: "The class is very different from our previous math classes in that it consists of college level, open-ended type problems with an emphasis on building mathematical endurance. Most students have a difficult transition to this higher-level thinking that is expected, but Enrique was able to adapt after confronting the intensity of the challenge. Although Enrique is very organized and serious when it comes to his studies I could tell this was one of the first times that he was truly challenged. The way he responded... said a lot about him. He would send emails with questions, participated in study groups, and would come in for one-on-one help. I was very impressed with how he handled a demanding class.”

Emma Leek

Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Emma Leek . . .

Emma has been a member of the Shorecrest Girls Varsity Tennis team for four years, and made the postseason for two of those years. She played trombone in the band all four years, and marched in Victoria B.C. sophomore year. Junior year, Emma won the runner-up of the New York Times Sixth Annual Student Editorial Contest for her English class, one of 30 in the entire country. Additionally, this past summer, she was a chaperone for the Kellogg Japanese trip, the same trip Emma went on when she was in 8th grade. Next year, Emma will attend the University of Colorado Boulder with a declared major in Journalism. She was awarded the CU Boulder Presidential Scholarship for academics.

Emma Leek from English teacher Lacy Clark “…once she sets a goal, she does everything she can to achieve it. To see her writing and maturity evolve over the year she was in my class was truly wonderful, and I can’t wait to see where she goes next! … She is a talented writer and she has my highest recommendation as a student. In fact, Emma entered the New York Times Student Editorial Contest last spring and she placed in the top 24 of over 10,000 student entries!...She is clearly an exceptional writer and thinker; it was truly a joy to have her in my class.”

Maia Kaj

Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Maia Kaje . . .

During Maia’s time at Shorecrest, she balanced her rigorous course load with club and school soccer, playing on the varsity team for three years. She spent weeks of several summers volunteering at YMCA Camp Ravencliff and hopes to use this experience as a counselor this summer at YMCA Camp Colman. Maia also spent a month volunteering in rural Costa Rica, completing enough volunteer hours to earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award. This year Maia became a National Merit Scholar. She plans to attend UC Berkeley in the fall.

AP Calculus teacher Matt Gallagher says this about her: “Maia’s math mind is sharp as a tack. She has a rare ability to see through difficult problems and respond in a very intelligent and comprehensible way. I’ve observed that she possesses a high degree of confidence and a comfort in speaking her mind, so she’s a regular contributor to whole class conversations and problem solving opportunities. And because of this willingness to engage publicly, Maia raises the learning opportunity for the entire class, as peers seek to grasp Maia’s explanation. Furthermore, by simply anticipating the questions Maia would typically ask, I became a better teacher from a preparation standpoint.”


Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior David Kaiser . . .

During his four years at Shorecrest, David tried to stay as busy as possible. As a freshman, he led his Boy Scout troop as Senior Patrol Leader. Soon after, he became involved in the SC drama program. David has been in every show since sophomore year, and has learned not only about acting, but also how to tell big stories with big groups of people. He is incredibly grateful to the Seniors that got him into the SCNN Highlander Home as a freshman. It gave him a consistent purpose everyday. During the summers, David volunteered at a week-long leadership course called National Youth Leadership Training. Next year, he'll be going to film school to start his career in filmmaking. Thank you Shorecrest!

English and Drama teacher Andy Kidd writes: "Without a doubt he’s one of the finest young men I’ve encountered in my teaching career. Always positive. Always prepared. Always making the room better. Any place David is in is inherently better than it was before. His energy is infectious and inspiring—and manifests in a collaborative and creative direction that is always welcome."

Eve Steiner

Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Eve Steiner . . .

Eve Steiner has attended Camp Sealth every summer for six years, first as a camper, then a counselor in training, and then a counselor. She not only spends summers there but also volunteers during the year to help maintain the camp. Last summer she received a President’s Volunteer Service Award for her work at Camp Sealth. In addition to her work as a counselor, she also worked with children at Temple Beth Am as a classroom assistant. She’s taken on leadership and mentorship roles at Shorecrest: she was a link leader for Freshmen orientation, Vice President of Gay Straight Alliance, and took on a leadership role in her Ceramics Club. She received an honorable mention at the Bio expo her sophomore year. Eve enjoyed her time at Shorecrest and plans to attend Smith College.

Senior Civics teacher Marcy Caruso says this about her: “Eve is a deep thinker with a witty, dry sense of humor—a dream to work with and teach. During both discussions or direct instruction, I can always look over and observe her listening earnestly, fully digesting the information or ideas, actively processing whatever is being presented or addressed. She then follows up with insightful questions that demonstrate a genuine desire to dig beneath the surface and understand the content even further...Eve really just loves learning for learning’s sake—it is a true delight to see the spark of curiosity in her eyes when she’s on the trail of new information.”


Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Ava Marmor . . .

Ava will be attending the University of Washington next year as a pre-major in the College of Arts and Sciences. She wants to become a doctor. She received the national President's Volunteer Service Award for community service three years in a row and was in National Honor Society during junior and senior years. Ava joined the PALS club during sophomore year and became the club’s Vice President this year. She also loved serving as a school ambassador this year, giving tours to prospective and new students. During the summers before sophomore and junior years, she volunteered as a camp counselor at the Pacific Science Center and worked there the summer before senior year. On the activity front, she swam for Shorecrest this past year (and wished she swam all four years) and performed on the hip hop team during sophomore year. Her talents include binge-watching television shows and making jokes. She loves binge-watching ¨The Office,¨ dancing, going to k-pop concerts, playing with her cats Anouk and Valentino and her dog Flora, coming up with new words, and baking brownies and cookies.

History teacher Rhys Walters writes: “By good fortune, I’ve had Ava Marmor as my student for nearly four years. Throughout that time, she has continually impressed me with her discipline, maturity, willingness to try new things, and attention to detail. Ava was especially good at reading between the lines, both in textual analysis and in the true emotional intentions of those around her. Ava was extraordinarily understanding and patient, and I could always rely on her to help out her classmates and support them through hard days."


Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Cindy Luo . . .

Over her four years at Shorecrest, Cindy has been involved in the Science, Interact, and Environmental Clubs. She has always loved music and has been a part of the band program for the past four years and in the marching band for three years. She wanted to try to push herself out of her comfort zone so she joined the Shorecrest Flag Team her junior year and became a Link Leader during junior and senior year. Cindy was a member of the Shorecrest soccer team her freshmen and sophomore year; on the Shorecrest tennis team for four years and was a captain for the varsity tennis team for the 2020 season. She has been a member of the National Honor Society since sophomore year. Last year, Cindy was awarded the AP Scholar with Distinction, and also as a Commended Student by the National Merit Scholarship Program. Over the last four years, she has been volunteering at an organization called Turning Point, which provides resources and services to underprivileged families in the Shoreline School District. During the school year, she tutors kids from the district three days a week, and over the summer, leads field trips, and helps run science and robotics camps. Next year, Cindy will be attending Washington University in St. Louis and plans to go premed and major in biology or neuroscience.

From Spanish teacher Siri Hulbert: “Cindy Luo presents herself as reserved yet she is a powerhouse of knowledge, giving and humor. Cindy does not need to hear herself to validate her learning or importance. She is confidant yet not overly secure. She is realistic with limits and pushes herself to perform academically without nudges from others. I compose this knowing her well as she was my student for two years, in Spanish year three and AP. At a young age she chose to begin studying another language in a community that is predominately monolingual. This shows her tenacity and maturity. Beyond valuing the educational process, Cindy is a dedicated volunteer of our Interact Club, our service oriented organization working under Rotary International. …although it is typical for seniors to lose interest after they’ve fulfilled the graduation requirement, Cindy continues to attend meetings and sign up for events.”


Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Finn Brown . . .

Finn’s years as a student at Shorecrest have encompassed many milestones for him as a young person finding his place in the world. His passion for music lead him to try out for and join communities in a series of choral groups at Shorecrest, at Shoreline Community College as a running start student, and outside of school with the Wellspring Ensemble. Also stemming from his love of music, Finn composed the soundtrack to a podcast that he helped create as a MOHAI Youth Advisor, which won the 2020 Technology Award from the Association of King County Historical Organizations. Although music brings Finn joy, it isn’t where he envisions himself finding a career. He thinks that climate change and all of its impacts in every sector of human society, as well as all life on earth, is the biggest challenge we have to face today. Because of this, Finn is planning to become an environmental lawyer. By the end of this coming fall quarter, he will be able to get his Associate’s degree and transfer to a university as a junior, where he plans to get his Bachelor’s of Science and continue on to law school. Finn wants to continue to find fulfillment by putting the work in to be a valuable member of his community.

Social Studies teacher Maija Waugh says this about him:  "Finn is gracious, kind, generous and thoughtful. Finn can make anyone feel comfortable and positive about their work. Finn works with anyone and offers insightful feedback and help to classmates. Most remarkable, Finn applies the same dedication and commitment to all activities, it doesn’t matter if they are “high profile”, Finn simply wants to do the best job possible. This displays the maturity and responsibility that Finn has with everything Finn does.”


Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Julia Francescutti . . .

Over her four years at Shorecrest Julia tried her best to get involved in many different aspects of the school. She was on the school swim and tennis teams all four years and was going to be a tennis captain this year. One of Julia’s highlights was getting involved with the band program her entire time at Shorecrest, as well being a flute section leader for marching band her senior year. Off and on throughout Julia’s four years she tried to get involved with different clubs like science club, Interact, and environmental club. Julia was a Link Crew link leader during her junior and senior years, as well as a part of National Honor Society since sophomore year. Every summer she worked as a lifeguard at a neighborhood pool, and this past summer she also started volunteering once a week at Seattle Area Feline Rescue! Next year Julia will be studying physics at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.

“As her grades clearly demonstrate, Julia is a smart, hardworking student. However, beyond the story hertranscripts convey, I have had the pleasure of observing her consistently lead by quiet example over the last four years—working seamlessly with other students regardless of their diverse interests, abilities, and varying attitudes toward school. She sets a positive, willing tone, which helps model strong academic choices for her peers and allows others a safe space to engage in learning alongside her. She naturally mentors younger students and is a “go to” resource for her peers who have class-related questions.” Senior Civics teacher Marcella Caruso

Ian Mortenson

Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Ian Mortensen . . .

Ian Mortensen is a young man with a variety of interests ranging from reading thousand-page fantasy novels to sounding warhorns. Because of the great mentorship bestowed upon him by his teachers, coaches, and friends, he has been successful in many areas. Throughout high school Ian has volunteered at the food bank, earned recognition as an AP scholar, been a member of the National Honor Society, and marched with the Shorecrest band. He was also on the wrestling, cross-country, and track teams. Ian participated in three state tournaments for track and wrestling and earned numerous awards in these areas. Most notably, he placed 7th in state wrestling at the 170-pound weight class and also earned the honor of Academic State Champion. After high school, Ian plans to throw the javelin for Carleton College in Minnesota and work towards a PhD in something impressive that will improve the world (he hasn’t decided what this is yet). Above all, he hopes to continue belting Scottish ballads, Russian dancing to epic music, and charging his friends with seven-foot long foam swords.

English teacher Roberta Schrote says this about him: "Ian pursues his interests for himself – not the world’s recognition. He displays an impressive maturity and depth of understanding of human nature – he definitely is wiser than his years.”

Talia Israel

Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Talia Israel . . .

During her time at Shorecrest, Talia has been a member of the National Honor Society, and been on stage crew for multiple SC Drama productions. She also participated in SCNN and was a member of the Flag Team. Outside of school, Talia has worked part time as a childcare assistant for two years and a summer camp counselor for Camp Coyote for the past four years. Next year, Talia will be attending the University of Washington studying pre-health sciences to become a doctor. She is looking forward to joining a sorority and experiencing everything college has to offer as a third generation Husky.

Shorecrest Counselor Ben Chertok says: “Teachers describe Talia as an engaged learner and a positive peer…She would like to study medicine and eventually continue on to medical school. Typical of her personality, she has done the research and work to find information on different paths and focuses within medicine. In Honors’ Biology, she was tasked with completing a yearlong research project and Talia chose to study a specific chemical made in the lungs of infants and how a variance in the timing of birth can affect creation of the chemical.”

Emma Howlett

Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Emma Howlett . . .

Emma often daydreams about backpacking in the North Cascades, where she and her family have spent many a night on the trail. She and her sister Elizabeth love making up funny trail songs and performing them for an enraptured audience of trees. The two sisters also perform together in Shorecrest’s acapella group Chansons, and are editors for Shorecrest’s literary arts magazine Tattoo. Though Emma may at first seem quiet or soft spoken, she finds her voice through her art. Her artwork was judged “Best in Show'' at the Shorecrest Art Expo and earned First Place at the Shoreline Arts Festival, and her senior art portfolio received a Gold Key from Scholastic Writing and Art Awards. Emma also played varsity soccer for which she received the Rookie of the Year Award and the Ms. Otis Award. Emma has also won Faculty Merit Awards in Social Studies and Math, and the Principal’s Medallion for Citizenship and Leadership. Emma is an AP Scholar with Distinction, maintained a 4.0 GPA, and earned a National Merit Scholar Letter of Commendation and two Presidential Service Awards for her volunteer work at the Pacific Science Center and the Seattle Aquarium. Emma is planning on attending college in California next fall to major in history.

English teacher and Tattoo advisor Kelli Haines says: “I would find myself looking forward to reading her assignments because I knew I would always find thoughtful, thorough work. In a word, I was impressed…Emma Howlett is, without a doubt, a role model for me. She breathes passion into everything she does. She moves with quiet confidence and speaks with grace and eloquence. Most importantly, she will never allow herself to be limited.”


Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Joy Chen . . .

The four years that Joy has spent at Shorecrest have been a very exciting time for her. She was a member of the school's Science and Interact Clubs, and held leadership positions in both those groups. Joy was involved in SC's Natural Helpers and Link Crew, and was a member of the girls varsity swim team throughout her high school years. Outside of school, she has volunteered as a Science-Educator-in-Training at the Pacific Science Center over the course of a summer. Joy has also enjoyed helping out at local elementary school STEM events. Through her time volunteering at the museum and other activities, she received The President's Volunteer Service Silver Award.Emma will be attending Pomona College this fall to study history and fine arts.

AP U.S. History teacher Rob Goenen writes: Joy role models “her love of science for young people while volunteering at elementary STEM fairs and working as a teaching aide for a microbiology course at the UW. This is a field where her precise understanding, unmatched work ethic, exceptional communication skills, and ‘out of the box’ thinking flourishes and where she will focus her talents in college.”


Class of 2020 Top 25 Senior Rumana Ali . . .

As a Shorecrest student, Rumana Ali served as an ASB Justice for four years, and was an editor of Tattoo literary arts magazine for three years, two of which she led as an Editor-in-Chief. During her senior year, she served as secretary of science club. Rumana enjoys playing the piano and has received multiple awards, including the opportunity to play at the 2018 State of the City event at Shoreline City Hall. To pursue her interest in STEM, Rumana interned at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute to help perform research during the summer before her senior year. In the fall, she will be majoring in biology at the University of Toledo within its honors college, as a part of the Bacc2MD program with special admission to the College of Medicine for her graduate studies.

Science teacher Nicole Steward says this about her: “Rumana took physics with me as a sophomore…which meant most of her classmates were older than her. Despite this fact, she was a model to her peers and demonstrated an exceptional maturity and readiness as a student. No matter whom she worked with, she exhibited a friendly, kind, and helpful demeanor and has great leadership qualities.