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A Message from the Principal

March 19, 2020


Dear Amazing North City Kindergarten Families,

We are thinking of you and hoping that you are well. I will send out updates throughout the school closure to keep you informed. Please also watch for email updates from our district. You can find the most current information about the district’s COVID-19 response efforts, as well as access to the FAQ resource from our district at:

Reducing student anxiety at home: All of us are trying to make meaning of all that is happening so quickly around us. The loss of control of so many things in our lives causes anxiety and stress, especially for our children who are used to routines that are now changing daily. Our children are looking to us for how to deal with all the change. It is our chance to model to our children strategies such as talking with them, taking care of ourselves mentally and physically, practicing gratitude, staying connected with family and friends (virtually), and by focusing on what we still have control and choice over.

TIPS on how to talk to your kids about COVID 19 and school closures:

  1. Be honest with them and provide accurate information

  2. Monitor television viewing and social media to avoid inaccurate information

  3. Make yourself available-kids may need to process their feelings about not seeing friends, family, or teachers

  4. Remain calm and assuring-kids pick up on your verbal and nonverbal reactions. If you are calm, they are calm.

I know that these are uncertain times, but remember this too will pass. When we come out of this we will be stronger than we’ve ever been. To survive this remember to:

  1. Take deep breaths to keep your anxiety levels down.

  2. Follow the social distancing guidance provided by our state and local leaders

  3. Stay calm. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

  4. Keep as many normal routines that are possible. This pandemic will pass.

The state is collaborating with all Superintendents to put in place resources and systems to meet the needs of our community. This takes time. Please think of this week as a giant PAUSE while officials work to take care of our students’ basic needs first. At North City Kindergarten, that means providing breakfast and lunch to our student population in need and childcare for our students with parents who work in the healthcare field and our first responders. If you need help or you can provide food resources, please visit this website:  Additionally, if you are concerned about access to health care or about loss of income, please go to the district webpage (link above) to access various resources the county has established. 

The locations the district plans to provide meal services starting on Monday 3/23/20 are:

  • Shorewood High School (production kitchen-food services staff will be on-site in the kitchen)

  • North City Kindergarten Program

  • Echo Lake Elementary School

  • Meridian Park Elementary School

  • Parkwood Elementary School

  • Shorecrest High School (production kitchen-food services staff will be on-site in the kitchen)

  • Aldercrest Campus

  • Ridgecrest Elementary School

  • Ballinger Homes

We will be serving outside from 11:30-12:30 PM. We will be running these locations in a drive-through, and encouraging people to stay in their cars and for those who walk to maintain social distancing of 6 feet.

Below is an update from OSPI and our school superintendent on instruction and their primary focus during these challenging times. The five priorities are:

1. Breakfast and lunch for students

2. Ensuring that employees are paid

3. Child care for a narrow subset of the population (prioritization for health care and first responders)

4. Graduation requirements and moving forward for seniors

5. Larger opportunities for creating enrichment opportunities for learners

While we wait to get additional guidance from the state and work with our district leaders to plan for this long-term school closure we anticipate to get guidance from OSPI on Monday, March 23rd, 2020 on distance learning. The district will work on how to implement that and will provide guidance in the upcoming days. In the meantime, please reassure your children that their teachers and staff are thinking of them and missing them. Tell your children that you love them, as they most certainly feel the stress around them. Let them play and read. Our children will flourish if we listen and talk with them, ask their opinions, encourage their curiosity, and spend time just being with them. Your health and your family's health is most important.

Only the building administrators and the custodians will be permitted in the school buildings. North City Kindergarten is closed to the public and to our teachers and support staff. I am working during this time and you can reach me by email ( or at my cell 832-238-1534.

Much love to all of you,
Dr. Cabrera, Principal