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A Message from the School Counselor

March 20, 2020


Hello NCK Families,

As your school counselor, I wanted to share with our school families just how much our staff are missing the kids and being in school right now. We are thinking of them every day. While social distancing presents many challenges, I do hope this time provides an opportunity for us all to slow down and develop deeper connections with one another.  As a parent to three, I also wanted to share that I understand all the emotions that go along with this unprecedented time of trying to work, keep everyone healthy and distanced, yet trying to find opportunities to entertain and grow our little ones brains! Here are some resources that I found helpful and put together for our families that include social emotional learning activities, mental health resources, and a book list (most all are free online access with library card) which can all be found here. I hope this offers some new ideas and opportunities for you and your family! 

I know for some kids, they were used to seeing me weekly whether it be 1:1 or in a small group. I’m online and available and happy to answer questions parents or kids have. Please tell them Mrs. Hays says “hello and I am thinking of them!" Feel free to email me anytime. I am doing my best to respond to emails promptly during the Monday through Friday work days! 



Chelsey HaysM.Ed, LMHCA
School Counselor