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Home Learning Phase Four Information

Information from Heather Hiatt


 Middle School Phase Four Learning Plan - Feedback, Assessment and Grading


Shoreline School District middle school students are expected to engage in all home learning assignments to the best of their ability and specific situation.  Our teachers have redesigned our courses to focus only on essential standards, skills and competencies for the remainder of the semester. The home learning assignments are important preparation for learning at the next level the following year.  


 Engagement is defined as participation. This may include (but is not limited to): 

  • Completion of home learning assignments to the best of their ability
  • Responding to teacher communication and feedback 
  • Connecting with teachers via email, phone, Zoom 
  • Logging on to Canvas, Google Classroom 
  • Participating in Zoom class meetings 
  • Communicating needs and barriers to teachers


Progress is defined as work that demonstrates meeting, or growth towards, core/essential learning standards. Each course should identify the core/essential learning (“priority standards”) on which students should focus and that can be reasonably learned through distance learning tools and suggested home learning timeframes, while recognizing the individual circumstances of students and multiple ways of demonstrating progress to standards. 


OSPI Guidance: 

Students in grades K–8 will be challenged to demonstrate effort and success in learning standards established by their teachers. Students will move on to the next grade, unless by mutual agreement between parents/guardians and teachers they agree to repeat a grade or a portion of learning missed. Districts will retain complete decision-making on middle school grading practices for students not taking high school credit-bearing courses. 


Shoreline Middle School Plan:


  • Teachers will not assign traditional letter grades for middle school courses that are not high school credit bearing.  
  • All home learning assignments will be tracked and monitored in Canvas in a Home Learning category. Students will receive feedback from teachers on their work and the Canvas gradebook will show “Complete” when an assignment is finished/submitted. Assignments and work will receive no letter grades for the remainder of the school year.. 
  • Because we know that each student and family is facing different realities and challenges during this time of school closure, due dates are there only to help with pacing learning. No Home Learning assignments will be considered late or penalized if turned in after a due date.
  • Our goal is to keep our students’ brains engaged in learning and their school habits fresh as we go through this experience. We want to help incentivize and motivate students in completing these Home Learning activities.  Students can choose to do them each week or when they are able.  You will see marks in Canvas indicating assignments students have completed.
  • At the end of the semester, all students will receive report cards as they have in the past.  The notation for all middle school non-credit bearing classes will be a “P” indicating that they will be moving onto the next grade level. 
  • Teachers will also provide comments on the report card indicating student engagement, progress toward standards, and if the student was unable to engage in home learning for any reason.
  • High school credit classes will adhere to the district guidelines for grading in those classes. 

Grading Guidelines


Student and Family Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is the home learning format different in Phase Four after May 4th?


Before Spring Break 

After Spring Break


This home learning purpose was to keep students’ brains engaged in learning and build on the skills and standards taught in the third quarter.

The home learning activities going forward will introduce new, essential topics that are needed for you to be successful in the next course next year. 

Canvas & Assignments

Teachers used the district HL website and some Canvas updates to communicate assignments.  Paper packets were available to students who could not access online learning.

Teachers will use Canvas and some email to communicate assignments.  If you cannot complete online lessons and need paper packets, they will be available on the dates and  times listed below. 



No Harm” feedback and grading- Completed and submitted assignments will be marked as complete.  Students will receive feedback on their work. Students can continue to submit assignments through the end of the year.


The work was mostly “review” or practicing of already learned skills. 

Courses will now focus on new learning and completing essential curriculum.  We will be introducing topics/skills that you need in order to be prepared for the next course. 


Do I have to do Home Learning?  

Yes.  We want you to be prepared for next year’s classes which means you still need to learn. 


I sleep in until 2pm.  Will this interfere with my sleep schedule?  

No more than normal school would interfere with your sleep schedule.  The good news is that we are using Canvas which can be used at any time of day.  However, some teachers will be hosting “office hours” and may use some “live” meetings on zoom to provide additional support.  These “office hours”  and lessons are generally going to be during the normal school day hours.  We are encouraging you to partake in online activity as this will be a time to see your fellow students, learn the most challenging material, ask for help and get support from your teachers.  


I am feeling lost or overwhelmed by my school work.  How can I get support? 

Please reach out to ANY adult through email or Canvas.  We are here to help you. Counselors can assist you in working with teachers if remote/online learning is genuinely too much for you. This is new for everyone and feeling lost or overwhelmed is a normal reaction.


I’m having problems with my technology?  (Chromebook, can’t open videos etc)

Please fill out the District Help Desk Google Form.  


My family is going through a lot and I am having a hard time engaging in learning.  What should I do? 

Please email your counselor (see list below).  We are all here to help support you and your family during this time. 



Grade Level / Last Name

Email Address

Vollie Berry

8th grade

Marie Hurtado

7th grade counselor (Go - Z); ELL

Lori Hopfe

7th grade counselor (A - Gl)

Mandi Woolsey

Family Advocate

Coquille Johnson

Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Rachel Norman

School Psychologist


Student Scenarios




How will my middle school classes be graded?

You will earn a P for Passing for your middle school classes indicating that you will be moving onto the next grade level. You will receive comments on your engagement in online learning and progress towards meeting the standards for each course. These will appear on your report card.

I turned in an assignment, how will it be graded?

You will receive feedback on your assignments and they will be marked as complete in the Canvas gradebook. Remember that you can turn in assignments through the end of the year and our due dates are suggestions for pacing your learning.

I didn’t do all the assignments before Spring Break once school closed or I missed a later due date.  Can I do the assignments now? 

Yes!  Work with your teacher and don’t let things pile up too long.  As long as your teacher has time to provide feedback and record it as complete, we’re looking to provide you the opportunity to learn and improve. There will be no penalty for late work. 

How will I be graded for my high school credit classes in Geometry,Algebra and language?

Your A, B, C or D grade is your “baseline” grade from when we left school and cannot go down. However, the more you participate the more you can learn and  raise your grade. If you wish to be prepared for next year’s course, it is in your best interest to engage and continue with your learning. Bottomline: the more you engage, the more you will learn and  your grade can improve. Please see you teacher’s Canvas page for detailed grading information for high school credit courses



Paper Packet Distribution


All Kellogg Packets will be distributed at Shorecrest High School from 11:30am - 12:30pm by the food distribution bus on the following dates:


  • 5/11, 5/12, & 5/13 Packet 4
  • 5/26, 5/27, 5/28 Packet 5
  • 6/8, 6/9, 6/10 Packet 6