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Free Orca cards for Youth from King County Metro

King County and Sound Transit announced special fares this summer for all youth who ride with an ORCA Youth card.

Access to destinations across the county and region will cost only $.50 per trip on King County Metro's bus network and $1 for Sound Transit's trains and buses.

Metro will distribute free ORCA Youth cards to encourage more people to take transit.

Metro and Sound Transit will offer reduced fares from mid-June through Labor Day to all youth who use an ORCA Youth card to pay their fares. Metro will provide free cards to youth who do not already have one. All youth between the ages of 6-18 are eligible.

Metro will offer free ORCA Youth cards and a special 50-cent reduced fare for young people who ride Metro buses this summer. Sound Transit will offer a $1 youth fare. Regular prices are $5 for ORCA Youth cards; $1.50 per ride for youths on Metro services; and $1.50 to $4.25 for youths riding Sound Transit trains and buses.


How to get a free ORCA Youth card


Go to, fill out the online form and submit along with a scanned copy of one of the following: a student ID, state ID, driver’s license or birth certificate. Cards will be mailed for free.

ORCA Youth cards also are available in person at the Metro sales office at the King Street Center in Pioneer Square at 201 South Jackson Street and at various public events and locations where Metro sets up “ORCA to GO” booths to provide customer assistance. Check Metro’s website for times and locations.

The ORCA Youth card’s e-purse will need to be loaded with monetary value or a monthly pass before it can be used. Cards can be loaded at participating retailers around King County, ORCA vending machines at Link stations, the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel, major transit centers, and at the Metro pass sales office at King Street Center.