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Mrs. Carroll's Update - April 14, 2020

Hello Wonderful Syre Families,

My apologies for not getting this out on Monday morning.   There were some changes that occurred over the weekend with technology and links that required me to wait before sending.  It seems that a lot of district staff are working on weekends and information I have had ready for Monday’s message is getting changed.  Due to this, I will be moving my Principal Update to Tuesdays @ 8:00 a.m.  Mrs. Alexander and the students will continue their Syre News on Fridays @ 8 a.m. Thank you for your understanding as I try to balance the information coming my way and our new way of “doing school.”

If there is information you would like to see in my update, please let me know!  I am very open to feedback and my goal is to provide information to make each week more accessible with home learning.

Have a great week.

In partnership,

Michelle Carroll, Principal

Character Trait

As you may remember, this month’s character trait focus is- CREATIVITY.  Below is a picture of the paintings my family made this weekend practicing creativity. It was a lot of fun!


Is your child(ren) doing something creative?  Send a picture or video to  

 Principal Updates

On Tuesday Principal Updates, we are highlighting staff members for the weekly message. Then, on Friday’s Mrs. Alexander and students will highlight upcoming student birthdays, character trait activities, and Syre Good News.  For upcoming news- please send your good news photos, videos or notes to and you may be featured in our next "SGN" Syre Good News segment. 

 Weekly Message

Mrs. Carroll and her Chickens

Missed Birthdays

During the week we left school due to the Corona virus, we missed some birthdays.  Our deepest apologies as we know how important it is for our students to be recognized.  Normally, when we miss a birthday, I go directly to the child’s class and sing to them.  Click here for missed birthdays! These birthdays will also be announced during this Friday’s student announcements. 

 Updated Links for Home Learning

The Shoreline Remote Learning Homepage has been updated and reorganized so it is easier for parents to navigate.  Please bookmark these below links so that you can get the latest lessons. As a reminder, lessons are updated Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

 Here are the links for the latest lessons uploaded yesterday.

First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

 Bookmark this link for updated lessons.

Homepage for Shoreline Remote Learning -

 Library Resources and Lessons

Mrs. Altena has created a website with library resources and lessons.  This website is updated each week and has a lesson for each grade level.  It also has a weekly message from Mrs. Altena.  Bookmarking this webpage will also be an excellent resource for your student(s).

Mrs. Altena's Library Webpage