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Syre Principal News - November 4, 2019

REMINDER:  11:45 a.m. early release ALL school days this week!

THANK YOU FAMILIES- OVER $27,500 raised for our school.  Your GENEROSITY is GREATLY appreciated. 

Stay tuned for how your money is impacting students at Syre.

Hello Wonderful Syre Families,

Thank you for partnering with our staff to provide the best learning environment we can for your child.  We have 100% of our students scheduled for conferences this week and are grateful for the time to talk to you about your child’s learning.  If you need to change your conference time, please call the front office and talk with Susie Johnson, our registrar.  While you are here, please take a moment to complete the Center for Educational Excellent parent survey (see below for more information).  We heard you and have extended our lost and found donation until this Friday at 4 p.m.  Be sure to stop by the lobby and look for coats, gloves, lunch boxes, umbrellas, and more!

 Below you will find information regarding:

  • Goals for the 19-20 school year
  • Center for Educational Excellence parent survey
  • PTA Festival of Cultures and Syre Student Cultural Art Walk
  • Fund-raising for grades 5 & 6 and what this means to younger grades

 In partnership,

Michelle Carroll, Principal


Goals for the 2019-20 School Year

Each year our staff reviews our school data and makes goals for the school year.  Based on last year’s data for academics, social/emotional needs  and equity, the following school improvement goals have been set for this school year:

  • We will implement the new Bridges Math Curriculum with a focus on student discussion/discourse to explain their thinking.
  • Students will learn to identify their feelings (zones) and learn to use tools to help regulate their emotions (reset stations).
  • Students will learn problem-solving strategies using Kelso’s problem solving wheel.
  • All students will learn about cultures different than their own through diverse curriculum and read a louds. (Windows)
  • Our Black and Brown students will see themselves reflected in curriculum and the learning environment. (Mirrors) 

Center for Educational Effectiveness On-Line Parent Survey

We are committed to continuous improvement throughout our schools and district. To support that work, it is important for us to know how parents and guardians view the job we are doing in providing a high-quality education for all students.

You are being asked to participate in an important online survey to help us quantify strengths and opportunities for improvement. This will be our second year using the surveys to support the development and implementation of school improvement plans and school district priorities. The information you provide will help us support the continuous improvement of our schools and classrooms.

These surveys measure perceptual data based on OSPI's Nine Characteristics of High Performing Schools. Staff, families and students (grades 4-12) will be asked to participate in the surveys.  

The surveys are conducted annually to support our schools and staff as we continuously support and improve student achievement. You can find last year’s district-level survey reports on our website HERE. You can also find school-level reports on each school’s websites. 

The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete and are 100 percent anonymous and confidential. The data gathered will be used to support the development and implementation of school district priorities for continuous improvement and school improvement plans. 

Click HERE to take the Survey

The deadline to submit a survey is November 15.

If you have any questions, please contact the Public Information Office at or 206.393.4412


Syre PTA Festival of Cultures and Art Walk, A Celebration of Syre Families and Art Around the World

Wednesday, Nov. 20, 6-8 p.m.

Families and students can participate can by:

  • Hosting a cultural themed booth/table and/or
  • Performing a dance, poem, sport, etc. and/or
  • Bringing a dish to share

Please sign up at

Or contact:
  Kiersten Holm   206-375-7721

Megan Lantry  206-393-4165