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EXTRA Syre Updates - Week of October 14, 2019

MORE Syre News and Events for the Week of Oct. 14th!!        


Explanation:  The dictionary defines it as the value of admiring another person for who they are and what they do. The definition we are using in class is:

Respect: seeing good in people and things (and treating them with care).

We are also talking about Respect in the context of using good manners, not using inappropriate or offensive language, being courteous to one another, resolving conflicts peacefully, and treating one another as we would want to be treated (and how they want to be treated!).

Conversation Starters

  • Talk with your child about what it means to be respectful, to be courteous and to use their manners, to solve conflict peacefully, and what it means to treat others the way they want to be treated.
  • Talk about a time you felt disrespected and what you did about it in a way that demonstrated Respect.
  • The core value of Respect invites us to celebrate differences, offering us a beautiful opportunity to work with our children to break down stereotypes. Ask what they think of when they think about grandparents, for example. Expect answers like “they’re old, they’re slow, they’re forgetful, they’re nice, they’re understanding, they’re generous.” Let them share without judgement, to get all of their thoughts out. Then have a conversation about how these are stereotypes that may or may not be accurate for all grandparents and why thinking about people as individuals instead of in groups can be an exercise in Respect.
  • If Respect means making others see good in people and making people feel cared for, how do we already show Respect at home? How can we do a better job showing Respect as both kids and adults?                                                                     

One Week Left to Reach Our Fundraising Goal! 

We had a blast at the Wildcat Walk-a-thon last Friday! We're almost 65% of the way to our $35,000 goal and have until Friday, October 18th to fundraise. Please help support all of the programs, events, teacher grants and more that the PTA sponsors each year by donating directly at . If we reach the goal the students will earn an extra recess with popcorn for everyone! 

Huge THANKS to those who have already donated and to our wonderful community supporters. Please support those who support our school. Links to our sponsors' websites can be found under "Community Supporters" on

POPCORN FRIDAYS ARE BACK!!                 

Starting this Friday, Oct. 18th, the 5th graders will be selling popcorn on the playground during 2nd recess at 75 cents per bag.  Help our 5th graders raise money for Outdoor Camp in the spring and enjoy a Friday afternoon treat!!