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Life Skill Focus

Life Skills Focus is a school-wide program at Ridgecrest where ALL community members (students, teachers, parents, families) consider and work on a monthly skill to help us be better students and more productive members of our community.  We explore each focus and celebrate our accomplishments through monthly assemblies, recognitions, and classroom lessons.  The following is a list of the focus for each month:

September:  The Ridgecrest Way (Respectful, Responsible, Kind, and Safe)

October: Cooperation

November: Growth Minset ( Growth Oriented)

December: Generosity

January: Problem Solving (effective communicators & critical thinkers)

February: Perseverance ( persistent)

March: Kindness/Empathy ( empathetic) * Kindness month in Shoreline Schools

April: Creativity

May: Global Citizens

June: Knowledgeable