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A Healthy Meal is provided for all our Shoreline Students

A message from Shoreline School District

Free and Reduced Price Meal Program and Immigration Status

Recent media coverage of political issues surrounding immigration status and public benefits have caused us to receive questions about what role immigration status has in the Free and Reduced Meal Program. Simply put, no immigration restrictions exist for child nutrition programs; children may obtain meals regardless of their immigration status and their status and the status of their parents will not be impacted by receiving free or reduced-price meals under current U.S. law. Since free and reduced-price meals qualify as a "non-cash" benefit, receiving them will not affect the immigration status or process in obtaining or changing their immigration status.

A healthy, well-balanced meal is essential to student learning! We strongly encourage all students who may qualify for free or reduced priced meals to apply for this school-based benefit. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 206-393-4209.