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Library Fundraiser was a huge success!

Parkwood Book fair is coming November 26th-30th. Hours:  8:00-3:45 M, T, Th, F; 8:00-1:45 Wednesday 

We need volunteers!  Sign up HERE to help the library. Help set up on Wednesday at 11:15, or help clean up on Friday at 3:45. Or help us sell books during school hours, or during your student's library time.

Students can bring money ($20 limit) to purchase books and trinkets from Scholastic Book Fair.  They can come before or after school with their family or shop during their library time and lunch recess on their own.  There will be raffles for free books, and everyone has a chance to win a poster and book!  50% of the proceeds go directly back to the library to purchase books, STEM materials, Makerspace items, and even author visits.  Being at North City makes this fair a little bit different, but it should be just as fun!  Families come browse any time during the day or come work the fair during your student's library time to shop together! 

Online Fair starts Nov 21st.  Shop online for even more great deals.  Click HERE!

Sign up at the link above!  Need more info?  Email librarian Amanda Workman: