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What Are Your Kids Doing Online?

Many elementary families believe that their children are too young to have negative online experiences.  At Parkwood, we frequently hear comments such as “I know what my kids are doing online” and “It’s ok, my child doesn’t have a phone and our computer is in full view” or “S/he’s a little too young now, but we will definitely cover this when s/he’s older”.  While we don’t want to frighten you, please know that over the past three years the majority of Parkwood 5th and 6th grade students acknowledged seeing or participating in behavior that constitutes cyberbullying, many saw inappropriate images, and most admitted to seeing or doing things online that they know you’d disapprove of.  

Our families that have previously attended Detective Thomas’s presentation say that it’s eye-opening, informative, and necessary.  Please come to our Cybersafety presentation on October 3rd at 6:30 p.m. in our library. Spanish translation will be available if necessary.