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Read-a-Thon T-Shirt Contest, February 27th - March 10th

Hello Cheetahs and Families,

It is time for our annual Read-a-Thon T-Shirt Design Contest! All MP students, kindergarten through fifth grade, are encouraged to enter the contest.
~The winning design will be featured on this year's t-shirt. The runner up's design will be featured on a bookmark. One honorable mention will be chosen for each grade level. All winners will receive gift certificates to spend at the Spring Book Fair on Thursday, April 20th. 
~Open the directions document below for all of the details.
~Hard copies are also available to students in their classrooms.
~Last year, 92 students participated! Let's beat that record this year by having at least 100 students enter their designs.

~Entries are due to Jenny Hillger, librarian, no later than noon on Friday, March 10th.

Use your imaginations, cheetahs, and create some fantastic designs. (This contest is about the joy of books and reading rather than artistic ability.)

Happy Drawing and Creating, Cheetahs,
~Jenny Hillger, MP Librarian