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IT’S YEARBOOK ORDER TIME!  Don’t miss out -- secure your copy of the 2022 yearbook by ordering your keepsake now.  We are thoughtfully working to create a yearbook that captures our school year that’s back in the classrooms!  Yearbooks will be delivered at the end of the school year.  


Yearbooks are $15 each.  If you are unable to purchase a yearbook but would like one, please contact Annie Gage, MP Family Advocate, to ask for a scholarship:


To PURCHASE a 2021-22 yearbook:

- Click on this link:

- Enter School ID# 706542 (Meridian Park)

- Click on the “Yearbook. Preserve memories…” text, --OR-- click on the yearbook image

- Enter your student’s First and Last Name, Teacher

- Continue Shopping if you are purchasing more than one yearbook

- Provide credit card information (no spaces between 16 digits)

-  Place your order.  You should receive a purchase confirmation email


If using a smartphone:

-use Google Chrome browser

-manually enter credit card, do not use autofill options


Order soon to ensure you get your copy! 😊 If you need customer service while purchasing, contact Pictavo at 800-290-0036. If you have questions about the yearbook, contact Molly Chapman at


Donations: you can donate a yearbook for a student if you wish.  To donate: when you are completing your online order, add a purchase in your cart for: 

First Name: Any

Last Name: Student

Teacher: Donation/Scholarship