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Move-a-Thon, Cheetah Civic Club, & Spirit Day Padlets

Hey there, Cheetahs! We have some padlets for you to use for Spirit Days, Cheetah Civic Club, and the monthly Move-a-Thon events. 

Information about each padlet and its link is below.

Meridian Park Spirit Day Padlet.  Show your Cheetah Pride and post a photo of yourself celebrating our monthly Spirt Day.

Meridian Park Move-A-Thon Padlet:  Mr. Lockwood sponsors a Move-A-Thon on the second Wednesday of every month.  Show your Cheetah Pride and share a photo of you participating in your favorite movement activity!
Cheetah Civic Club Padlet:  Any Cheetah can be part of our Cheetah Civic Club here at Meridian Park.  Simply do something that provides a service to our community and post a photo here on our Padlet.  Cheetahs make a positive difference in their school, their community, their country and the world.