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Friday Review for June 5, 2020

Friday Review for June 5, 2020




Click here to view Friday’s Cheetah Cheer Announcement.

Fun to watch!


Welcome to our weekly Cheetah Cheers, continue the great work, Cheetahs!  High fives and pats on the backs for everyone, listen to the message for more information regarding Meridian Park.  Next Friday, is Spirit Pet Day, be creative if you don't have a pet.  

Have a great weekend.



Click here to view Mr. Alford’s Weekly Dean’s Dispatch Video.

Fun to watch!

Hello Cheetahs!

Welcome to your weekly Dean Dispatch with a special message from Dean Alford and a message from Mr. T.  Look for classmates and teachers that you know that posted their Bad Bad Hair Day last Friday.  We really miss you Cheetahs and we look forward to you being back in the classrooms and halls of Meridian Park.


Click here to read the Specialists’ Newsletter.

Quick and fun!

And full of good information!


Quick Link to the Fun Librarians’ Website – Lots of Fun Activities for All Students!


Quick Link to the Energizing P.E. Teachers’ Website – Lots of Energizing Activities for All Students!

Quick Link to the Marvelous Music Teachers’ Website – Lots of Activities Full of Rhythm and Rhyme


~Important the below message is in English and Espanol.

Subject: A video message from our counselors

Hello MP Families and Students!

Disponible en español a continuación

Click here to see a video from our school counselors (embedded is a very cute, and short, video about kindness, perspective, and empathy).

 A way to continue to build community even though we can’t be together right now is to show gratitude for others. Showing gratitude can also be good for mental health -- kindness is contagious, and it can decrease symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression (for more info see this flyer about Kindness Health Facts). 

Here is the Make Joy Happen video from our message if you want to watch it again (and to hear the sound…not sure what happened there!). To deepen student thinking: 

~What did you see in the video?

~When did you see an example of kindness in the video?

~What is empathy? When did you see an example of empathy in the video?

~What did you learn from this video?

Let us know what you thought or if you have some great ideas for how to show your gratitude toward others!

Your Counselors,

Mrs. McCain and Mrs. Fix