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Friday Review for May 22, 2020

Friday Review for May 22, 2020


Friday’s Cheetah Cheer Announcement

Fun to watch!

Hello Cheetahs,

Welcome to Cheetah Decades Day, watch the video to see who is representing the 90's, 80's and the 70's.  Listen to see if your class has a shout out this week.  Everyone deserves a high five and a pat on the back, keep up the perseverance and great work!

Click here to watch the fun video.

Parents post pictures of your students for Decades Day to the Meridian Park Elementary Parent Facebook Page or use the #meridianparkelementary on Instagram.  Your pictures might just show up in the next Dean Dispatch or in the meridianparkelementary Instagram feed. 


Click here to view Mr. Alford’s Weekly Dean’s Dispatch Video.

Fun to watch!

Hello Cheetahs,

Welcome to your weekly Dean Dispatch message.  Our message is packed with valuable information from Dean Alford, Librarian Jenny Hillger and a little fun with Student Council.


Click here to read the Specialists’ Newsletter.

Quick and fun!


Quick Link to the Fun Librarians’ Website – Lots of Fun Activities for All Students!


Quick Link to the Energizing P.E. Teachers’ Website – Lots of Energizing Activities for All Students!


Quick Link to the Marvelous Music Teachers’ Website – Lots of Activities Full of Rhythm and Rhyme


Important:  the below message is in English and Espanol from Our School Counselors

Hello MP Families and Students! 

We hope you have been able to find a good routine so far and things are running smoothly for you. But, we also recognize that the rollercoaster of emotions continues for many, including us and our kids! We hope these weekly social-emotional learning (SEL) resources are helping some. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything additional or different in terms of support.

The below activities are about mindfulness, offered by Mindful Schools. This may be a familiar or completely unknown skill to you, and that’s okay! These are simple to follow lessons designed for kids and are completely FREE. They’re 20-30 minutes long; some add in movement and others can have an amazing calming effect! Do them all or pick and choose. We recommend numbers 3, 5, 8 and 9 especially.

Free Mindfulness Classes for Kids

#1 Mindful Movement

#2 Practicing Gratitude

#3 Read Aloud and Big Emotions

#4 Sending Kind Thoughts

#5 Read Aloud & Glitter Mind Jar

#6 Chair Yoga

#7 Your Five Senses + Breathing Sticks

#8 Mindful Breathing with the ABCs

#9 Mindfulness for Emotions, Feelings, and Stress

Thinking of you! 

Katie McCain and Suz Fix

MP Counselors