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Friday Review, May 8, 2020

Friday Review for May 8, 2020


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Fun to watch!

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Greetings Cheetahs on this fabulous sunny day!

It's time to do the lazy stuffie dance with Principal Tadlock and mascot Cheetah and Principal Dalasta and Big Bear!  Listen for our upcoming Spirit days, you might have a backwards good time, also check it out it for Cheetah Cheers.  Even more fun info, just open up the attached.  

Have a great weekend Cheetahs, we miss you!

Click here to view Mr. Alford’s Weekly Dean’s Dispatch Video.

Fun to watch! 


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Quick and fun!


 Quick Link to the Fun Librarians’ Website – Lots of Fun Activities for All Students!


Quick Link to the Energizing P.E. Teachers’ Website – Lots of Energizing Activities for All Students!


~Important the below message is in English and Espanol, please make sure to read to the end for an exciting Counselor Snack Bunch opportunity with your MP friends.

The Character Trait for May is Positivity!  Perfect timing to help transition students to Phase 4 in their distance learning. Have your student identify some positive aspects of transitioning more to their teacher for learning, or maybe pick out a couple of “silver lining” examples they have noticed with being at home more. And, encourage them to think positive thoughts if feeling down: “this won’t last forever” or “I can ask for help if I’m having trouble with school stuff” as this can be a very helpful self-calming skill.

If your student is still struggling with sadness or other strong emotions, this read-a-loud may help: A Kid’s Guide to Feeling Sad.

Deep breaths and Mindfulness are more great calming tools - check out some of these guided meditations from Calm (scroll down for a guided breath video).

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you or your student would like to talk to either of us! 

In care,

Your School Counselors

****************************************Spirit Day Fridays

Art Day:  If you missed Art Day last Friday, do it this week!

~May 15—Backwards Day: do or wear something backward and be sure to get a pic.

~May 22—Decades Day: the classic spirit day—do some time traveling! 

~Parents post pictures to the Meridian Park Elementary Parents Facebook Page or use the #meridianparkelementary on Instagram. 

~Your pictures might just show up in the next Dean Dispatch from Mr. Alford or in the meridianparkelementary Instagram feed.