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Picture Day - October 1st and 2nd

Picture Day will be Tuesday, October 1, for kindergarten, and first, second, and third grades.

Picture Day will be Wednesday, October 2, for fourth, fifth, and sixth grades.

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Tuesday, October 1st
Bachicha-Wells, Anderson, LeBlanc, Natalizio, M Smith, Herold, Misnar, Jones, Allemeier, Gino, Nye, Ahron, Kushner, Uhrich, Greathouse, Bentley, Armstrong, Shubin-Greer
Wednesday, October 2nd
Keeley, Peterson, Rudberg, Peters, Sezate, Borovina, Phelan, Norton, Baroudi, L Smith, Ashenbrenner, Pozarski, Mo, Uran, Chalcraft
Parents have the ability to order pictures using the link (insert link) or by visiting and using the school's access key, QZAEXK8R, also found on your picture day envelope before and up to four (4) days after picture day.