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Niyah Washington - Lake Forest Park's Sparrow


Niyah Washington is Lake Forest Park's Sparrow for 2017.  A social worker at Seattle Children’s who has a long history of referring kids in medical need to Sparrow Clubs suggested Niyah and her family consider being adopted as a ‘Sparrow”.  Lake Forest Park students can perform community service hours to help raise funds for Niyah.  Service vouchers can be found in the links below. 

It may be a ‘divine coincidence’ that Lake Forest Park Elementary, which is a neighboring school to Niyah, is also a seasoned Sparrow Club. Students and staff have been heroes to two other Sparrows the past two school years and they have been eagerly waiting to adopt another child in need. They are thrilled to serve the community and help Niyah this school year!

And finally, we cannot thank our friends at Lee Johnson Chevrolet in Kirkland enough as the sponsor of our ‘Sparrow for Niyah’ project. The support of this community-minded business is truly priceless as student’s lives, Niyah’s life and the school community are changed by hundreds of hours of service and the financial, inspirational and emotional impact it will bring!

1) Read Niyah's biography

2) Watch a short movie about Niyah

3) Student Service Vouchers 

4) Donate to help Niyah  Thank you for your contribution!