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Announcing The Grace Kim Award For Outstanding Math Olympiad Students

 The Grace Kim Award for Outstanding Math Olympiad Student, both acknowledges and honors Grace Kim for her tremendous efforts, over the years, in building up the Math Olympiad Program at Lake Forest Park Elementary. The students selected for this award, by their coaches, were chosen because they exhibited the qualities that Ms. Kim has instilled in all of her math olympiad students: commitment, perseverance, enthusiasm and a high quality of work.

The first recipients of the 2020 Grace Kim Award for Outstanding Math Olympiad Student are: Luciana Trujillo (3), Mimi Harvey (4), Alexandra Banar (5), Levi Leptich (5) and Alex Valenzuela-Canales (6), Here are the praises from their Math Olympiad coaches:

"Luciana Trujillo shows the qualities of an outstanding Math Olympiad student because she is passionate about learning, always tries her best, and she asks questions to better understand what she is learning." (Ms. Chamberlain- 3rd Grade Math Olympiad Coach)

"Mimi Harvey shows me what an outstanding mathlete she is by working hard, always trying her best, and asking questions to better understand." (Ms. Horton- 4th Grade Math Olympiad Coach)

Levi Leptich and Alexandra Banar stood out on the grade 5 Math Olympiad team for their lively participation and enthusiasm which kept Mr. K (5th Grace Math Olympiad Coach) constantly on his toes.  

"Alex Valenzuela-Canales consistently produced a high quality work on her assignments.  Her thoughtful questions and participation during the meetings  were greatly valued. (Ms. Rublee- 6th Grade Math Olympiad Coach)"