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2019-2020 Golden Acorn Award Winners

We are proud to announce our Golden Acorn Award Winners for 2019-2020, Michelle Fogerty and Erin Wilson!

Michelle has dedicated so much of her time to the PTA over the years, holding multiple board positions and helping too many committees to count. This year she was especially busy representing our PTA at both LFP and North City, and we are so proud of her for continuing her service to our community as the treasurer for Kellogg next year! Thank you for everything you do, Michelle!

Erin has been a regular in the halls of LFP for almost 7 years and wears so many hats we don't know where to start. You've seen her as a class volunteer, art docent, committee chair, board member, POD parent...she's done it all. Erin is a strong advocate for equity and inclusiveness in our schools and this year created our inaugural Free Pancake Breakfast and Book Exchange, another incredible contribution to our community! Thank you for everything you do, Erin!