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2019-2020 PTA Award Winners



We are proud to announce our Outstanding Educator Award Winners for 2019-2020, Mia Kelley and Frank Kleyn!

Ms. Kelley holds the incredibly important job of teaching 6th grade at LFP, and she does everything in her power to make sure students, parents and staff are enjoying the journey! Known for spontaneous dance parties and her warm smile that lights up the room, she connects with her students in a way that brings them back to visit her classroom year after year. We are so excited for her new adventure at Kellogg next year, and while we will miss her terribly we know she must go where the 6th graders gather! Thank you for everything, Ms. Kelley!

Mr. Kleyn is our beloved librarian, and our library is (truly!) at the center of our school community. He brings his passion for books and knowledge to life through incredible programs of his own creation, and is always willing to contribute to our endless PTA needs and projects with infinite enthusiasm. Since the first day of remote learning Mr. Kleyn has gone above and beyond to ensure families are getting the information and support they need with online resources. Thank you, Mr. Kleyn, we are so fortunate to have you!

We are proud to announce our Outstanding Advocate Award Winner for 2019-2020, Jim Meissner!

Jim is our long-time day custodian and general keeper-of-all-solutions at LFP. Behind every successful PTA event is Jim and his knowledge of the school and its history, what works best for each type of crowd, and how to make everything from the power to the student volunteers work as planned. He knows the name of every student, and recognizes from across a loud and chaotic lunchroom if there's a student struggling or in need of help. He is constantly looking for ways to improve the school experience for everyone and always has our safety in mind. Thank you, Jim, for being the champion we all need!