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Let us have an adventure together.


The entire Highland Terrace Elementary community will read Wishtree by Katherine Applegate during a scheduled two and a half week period, March 17th - April 9th. Reading will be done every day, with discussion questions provided.  The assigned chapters should take approximately 15-20 minutes to read each day. HT COMMUNITY READS 2021 is intended to be a school-wide family engagement activity that happens at home with supplemental activities at school, including library lessons. 


We hope to build a platform for conversations focused on race and equity within our school community as well as bring us together through literature and reading.  


Thanks to the Highland Terrace PTA every family will receive a book!  

Click on the link below to find out about times on the 10th and 13th for receiving a book if you are learning remotely. 


For Kids! - 

Use the discussion questions/ reading guide or have a conversation about what you read. 

Trivia questions will be done in your classroom or on Seesaw to quiz you about what you read.


Wishtree Flyer