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HT Curbside Checkout



Highland Terrace Library Curbside Check Out 

HT curbside checkout is on a twice monthly rotating schedule. It is important to double check the dates and times.  Checkout is voluntary. 




 * Order up to 2 books at a time.

 * Over time, we will add up to 4 books on your record with the expectation that you 

    will be returning books on the day you pick up new books. 

 * If you already have 4 books, you will need to turn books in before ordering new     


 * Returned books are quarantined for seven days before being redistributed.  



 * IMPORTANT: Drive up to the school at the dates and times

DATES:  Wednesday, October 28th

             Wednesday, November 18th

             Wednesday, December 16th

             Wednesday, January 13th

 TIMES: *2:30-3:30 - K-2

             *3:30-4:30 - 3rd -5th grade & Blended 

             *4:30-6:00 - All grades               

 * Families come to school in cars for a drive through pick-up of library books.  The map below shows the flow of traffic we are asking families to use to minimize traffic back-ups.

 * Use 160th St to enter and exit the driveway.  Enter the bus driveway by the field and pull forward. 

 * Materials will be along the sidewalk of the bus driveway. 

 * Please stay in cars, Wear a mask and have your child's name written on a sign in your  window.    

 * Staff  wearing a mask will hand you your books.  

 * Staff will take books you are returning.

Please complete one form every other week based upon this schedule:


DO NOT COME if you are symptomatic




  1. Browse the Highland Terrace Library Catalog:


*Library name: Highland Terrace Library

*No password is necessary

*You may send a "Hold Request".  However, there is no guarantee that the book will  be available.

  1. Fill out the Library Book Survey to request a genre or types of book you like to read.



 * You may return books on pick up day or in the bin at the front of the school 

     8:00am - 4:00pm; Monday-Friday.

 * Families are responsible for lost or damaged school library books.


If these procedures won’t work for you, another option is KCLS (Town Center) Library Curbside Check Out.  Learn more at: -