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Donate to All for Books for All HT Children

Dear Families,


Highland Terrace would like to give EVERY child the opportunity to buy a book during our Book Fair. Many families can afford to buy their child a book but some struggle financially.


If you would like to give this opportunity to students who aren’t able to purchase a book there are two ways you can do this.


  1. Alicia Wilson, our wonderful Librarian, will have a donation box in the library where families can make a donation to help those children who can’t afford to purchase a book. Any amount helps, even the change in your pocket or purse.
  2. You may put your money or check in a sealed envelope labeled Book Fair Donation and send it with your child to school. It will go to the office in the morning where we will gather donations. You may also go to the office and drop off a donation with office staff.


If you write a check, please write it to Highland Terrace and put Book Fair Donation on the memo line of your check so it goes to the correct account.


Thank you so much for helping All our children and giving every child this opportunity!


Sherri Dobb, Family Advocate