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Snow Make Up Days

Due to the loss of instructional time caused by the snow closures during the weeks of February 4-15, Shoreline Schools is adjusting the school calendar to meet the number of instructional hours required by the state. 

School district and Shoreline Education Association leaders met this week to review all options for making up the lost time and have come to the following agreement for snow make-up days: 

  • June 3 will become a Full School Day. This day had previously been a scheduled Staff Work Day.
  • June 14 will become a Full School Day. This day had previously been a scheduled Half-Day Early Release.
  • June 17, 18 and 19 will be Full School Days.
  • June 20 will be the anticipated Last Day of School with a Half Day Early Release

This plan allows us to meet our instructional time requirements and apply for one waiver day from the state. 

Graduation will continue to be held on June 9. In order to offer Shorewood and Shorecrest High School seniors the same amount of instructional hours, they will be offered the option of participating in academic activities at their schools the week of spring break, April 22-26. More information about these days will be provided as soon as possible once detailed plans are finalized. 

We again want to thank our families and staff for their patience and understanding during our recent snowstorms. The strain and stress that school cancellations and delays cause can be tremendous. Because of that, we never make those decisions unless absolutely necessary for the safety of our students, staff and families. We also realize that the changes caused by the make-up days can also be inconvenient for families. If you have trips or commitments planned for any of the make-up days, we ask that you communicate that to your school in advance so that absences can be marked accordingly. 

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding snow make-up days:

Q: I heard the governor declared a state of emergency and we can waive the snow days. Why are we only applying to waive one day?
A: While the state of emergency declaration and waiver process does allow for more than one day to be waived, it does not allow a school district’s students to receive less than 1,027 hours of instruction on average per year. Having more than one day waived would result in less than the required hours of instruction.

Q: Why can’t we make up any of the days during Mid-Winter or Spring Breaks?
A: Because those breaks are announced in advance and many staff and families make plans or other commitments for those times, we must honor the breaks set in the school calendar.

Q: Can we make-up instructional time during elementary conferences?
A: No. The elementary conference hours already count towards the required instructional hours.

Q: Why can’t we make-up instructional time during the early release Wednesdays?
A: This was one of the options considered, but the time it captured back still would not meet the instructional hours requirement. This time is also used by staff to engage in professional development, collaboration and school/classroom data analysis to support higher levels of student achievement.

Q: Now that the weeks of June 3 and June 10 will be full weeks of school, will the Wednesdays during those weeks have an early release?
A: No. The Wednesdays on June 5 and June 12 will be full school days. Adding additional early release time on those days would require us to add an additional make-up day to make up that lost time.

Q: What academic activities will be offered to seniors during spring break? Will missing any of the days impact their ability to graduate?
A: Both high schools will be open and supervised for Seniors who may want/need to prepare for AP exams, work on group projects, and/or meet in study groups to complete current class assignment during Spring Break.

Specific time and support will be provided over Spring Break in order to help seniors finish up projects that are required to meet graduation requirements.  Seniors who have the following graduation requirements to complete should plan on attending over Spring Break:

  •       Any remaining APEX credit recovery courses
  •       Fulfilling Washington State History credit 
  •        Completing the High School and Beyond Plan
  •       Submitting Community Service Hours
  •      Working on the Financial Algebra Graduation Portfolio

These Spring Break activities are intended and available as meaningful and timely supports for all Seniors ahead of graduation. If Seniors do not need additional help or time in meeting graduation requirements, they do not need to participate in Spring Break activities and will still graduate.  Any absences during Spring Break will not be counted against students.

Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
A: For questions regarding individual family situations or concerns, please contact your school office. For questions about the snow make-up days process and requirements, please contact Deputy Superintendent Marla Miller at