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Early Release for Highland Terrace Elementary

Beginning on September 12 there will be a 100-minute early release on Wednesdays when there are five days of school in the week. There will not be early release during weeks when there are not five days of school, such as weeks with holidays or other non-student days. You can learn more about early release Wednesdays, the dates they are on and how the time will be used by staff to support higher levels of student success HERE. You can find the early release times HERE. Please note that there is a difference between Wednesday early release times and half-day dismissal times. Half-days will be held on November 21 (day before Thanksgiving) and June 14 (last day of school) for grades K-12. There will also be half-days for K-6 students on October 9, 11-12 and March 4-5 and 7-8 for conferences.