• LFP Summer Reading Explained By Mr. Kleyn's Bitmoji

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 6/12/2020
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  • LFP Voting Results For Our Favorite Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award Nominee

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 6/8/2020

    LFP students and staff voted online for their favorite Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award Nominee. There was a tie between "Can I Be Your Dog?" and "Huggie and Stick."  Scroll down to view the full results. Thank you to all who took the time to vote!  Our results were sent to the state to be counted in the statewide count.  Stay tuned to find out the official winner of this annual book award. 




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  • Connecting to District Online Resources From Home

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 3/17/2020


    Watch the video above for instructions on how to log in to Google, Classlink, and KCLS Resources.  You may also use the written directions below. 

    This two page document (https://tinyurl.com/slgooglehome) will provide you with the directions for connecting to school curriculum, Google accounts, Classlink, KCLS eBooks, KCLS databases, and keyboarding practice via your child's student number. 

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  • Learn About Raccoons At the Library

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 3/16/2020

    Raccoons are our neighbors and might be watching you walk by as they lounge above you in the trees.  

    Watch this short video of raccoons in Mr. Kleyn's backyard.


    When our library reopens, you can check out a book about raccoons. 


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  • Video Explaining How to Check Out eBooks via KCLS

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 3/15/2020
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  • Salmon Release 2020

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 3/15/2020


    Due to coronavirus related school closures, our school's coho salmon 
    needed to be released one month earlier than normal. This video will 
    take you along the journey from school to stream.  We look forward
    to next year when students can take part in the release. Click here to view.

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  • Four Engaging Activities To Try At Home

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 3/12/2020

    Henri Matisse - Art Project Collage

    1) Visit the United Kingdom's Tate Museum to learn about French artist Henri Matisse's collage work.

    2) Create your own Matisse inspired snail collage. 

    3) Click here to view more hands-on art activities for kids from the Tate Museum.

    4) If you'd like to learn more about Matisse, use your student number to login to our district's online resources and then visit Britannica Encyclopedia which is found in Classlink. 



    Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

    If you're ready for a little down time, spend it with this Google Earth remake of the vintage classic educational game "Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego." 

    In "The Crown Jewels Caper," the world’s greatest super thief has struck again. Can you track her around the globe to recover the stolen loot?  



    Author Kate Messner has created this ever-growing collection of online literacy resources. 

    Kate says, "This is a library of resources for kids, families, teachers, and librarians to make sure that reading & learning can happen anywhere this spring."



    A Google A Day is an online learning game from Google which invites the player to solve a lateral thinking puzzle by using Google to find the answer.

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  • Sno-King Retiree Association Grant For Early Reader Chapter Books

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 3/11/2020

    In the fall of 2019, I applied for a $250 grant from the Sno-King School Retiree Association.  Sno-King School Retirees, Unit #23, is a member of the Washington State School Retirees Association.  Sno-King School Retirees was organized in 1977 and represents all active and retired education employees in Edmonds, Northshore, and Shoreline School Districts.

    The grant was intended to enrich our “Early Reader Chapter Section” with new early reader chapter series books that reflect our student population and could be used for students to learn about character traits.  This section is intended for newly independent readers who are ready to make the leap from easy picture books to fiction chapter books, but not are not yet ready for longer fiction titles.   By reading these series books with familiar characters, simple plot lines and easy-to-read text and related illustrations, students develop comfort in reading and this in turn advances their skills, confidence, and motivation to read.  

    Over a three week period, we read aloud selections from the various series books we purchased with the grant.  Students worked as a class and in small groups to discuss the character traits of each main character and then compare/contrast the characters, discussing their similarities and differences.  Students learned how to define the character's inner and outer character traits while identifying the character's feelings, actions, sayings, and thoughts. 



    Click to view the early reader chapter book series 
    added to our library as a result of this grant


    Our second graders love the books.  Below are photos of three of our four classes reading the books and working on one of the week's activities.  Due to the unexpected school closing, I was unable to take photos of Mrs. Johnston's class.  






    Thank you

    Click to view a short video of our 2nd graders sharing their appreciation for the new library books. 



    Sno-King Retiree Association representative Mary Lynn Potter awarding this year's grant.  Mary Lynn Potter was Lake Forest Park's Librarian for many years, and taught our principal, Aimee Miner, when Aimee was a young reader.  


    Thank you, Sno-King Retiree Association!




    Frank Kleyn

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  • Thank you, Mrs. Green!

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 3/10/2020


    Happy Classified Appreciation Week! Thank you to our Library Tech, Mrs. Green who says she has the best job in the entire school because she loves helping students select books and reading the student book reviews.

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  • "Unread Book It Up!" Video

    Posted by Frank Kleyn on 3/8/2020


    Third and fourth graders enjoyed a book tasting fueled by the song "Unread Book It Up!" When the music stopped, everyone had to choose a chair and give a stack of books a "taste."  Students discovered so many books they might never have tried.  Enjoy this short video of the fun. 


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