• Hybrid Learning Information



    We are excited to begin offering in-person hybrid learning as a learning option for students in K-5 General Education and K-12 Special Education Self-Contained Classrooms. In this section of our website, you will find information relating to the implementation of hybrid learning. Please see the webpages in this section for additional information, resources and frequently asked questions. These pages are listed to the left if viewing on a computer screen or by tapping the pages button above if viewing on a mobile device. 

    Timeline for Beginning to Offer In-Person Hybrid Learning

    • February 22: Preschool and K-12 self-contained special education classes will began offering on-site instruction.
    • March 8: Grades K-5 general education classes will begin offering a hybrid learning model.
    • Families will have the choice to continue remote learning.
    • We will continue to monitor Department of Health guidance and adjust planning if necessary.
    • Timelines for offering hybrid learning for middle and high school grade levels will be determined at a later date in accordance with Department of Health guidance.

    Hybrid Learning Instructional Model

    Students in K-5 general education classrooms in the hybrid learning model will be placed into morning or afternoon cohorts to attend school in person four days a week:

    • Cohort A will attend school in person in the mornings on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. They will then do remote learning in the afternoons and all day on Wednesdays.
    • Cohort B will attend school in person in the afternoons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. They will do remote learning in the mornings and all day on Wednesdays.

    Remote Learning Instructional Model

    Families will have the choice to have their children continue with the current remote learning model. We expect the daily schedule and mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning to remain similar to its current format.

    Health and Safety

    You can find our Shoreline COVID-19 Safety Guide here. These safety protocols were guided by the DOH K-12 Schools GuidanceDOH School In-Person Learning Decision TreePublic Health COVID-19 Response Toolkit and OSPI Employer Health & Safety Requirements for School Scenarios documents. Some of the general protocols include:

    • Masks must be worn by all staff and students when on campus or school buses.
    • Families are expected to provide their own masks for their children, but schools will have an emergency supply for those who do not. Students will be accommodated if unable to wear a face mask.
    • Each student and staff member will be required to attest they are symptom-free prior to attending school each day.
    • Each of the classroom cohorts will consist of 15 or fewer students.
    • Classroom seating will be spaced out at least six feet apart and activities will be organized to maintain a distance of at least six feet to the extent possible.
    • A school nurse will be on-site at each school.
    • Designated routes through schools to maintain social distancing.
    • Air filters upgraded to MERV13 as recommended by CDC.
    • Daily deep disinfecting between cohorts of students.
    • On school buses, students will be seated to maintain recommended distancing and windows will be open to increase ventilation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have updated our Hybrid Learning frequently asked questions page HERE.